Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Cheers for Bright and Cheerful Prints!

I have been a busy little sewing bee this past week... I managed to finish SIX bags and I'm thrilled to post pictures of them here!  There are five of the smaller sized bags and one 'original' sized bag - all will be added to my Etsy shop this weekend (my goal is to have them up by Sunday) and are available for sale!  I'm planning on bringing them all to Farmer's Market on Thursday too!  Thursday is the last day for the Oak Harbor Farmer's Market.  Although I haven't always sold a lot of my products there it's been a lot of fun and a great learning experience!
Small "Sideways Citrus" Bag

features a fabric button closure, deep inside pocket and 'key fob'

What great bright colors!

both vintage and new buttons add a little 'something extra'

Inside pocket and key fob detail

Small "Navy Lattice Patchwork Bag"
features one large outside pocket, fabric looped button closure, 

a key fob and two interior prints

Small "Yellow Mums" Handbag

some of the great vintage purple buttons that embelish the front and back of the bag

the interior print is hot pink with a light yellow design, 
while the key fob is turquoise and brown polka dot

Small "Turquoise Sand Dollar" Bag

this particular bag has two large pockets (one in and one out) as well as the fabric looped
button closure and a key fob

the awesome hot pink gingham interior fabric - some of my favorite!

Small "Brown and Bright Florals" bag

this bag also has two pockets - deep enough to hold lots but not spill out!

key fob and fabric button closure as well

Large "Sideways Citrus" Handbag

the back of the bag has a large pocket and great vintage buttons

I still LOVE seeing my 'tags' on my bags!  Thanks again for the logo Luke!

an interior shot - fabric looped button closure and key fob

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Little Bit of Eye Candy

I recently took photos of some of the fabrics I have waiting patiently in my closet.  They're waiting to be sewn into gorgeous and beautiful handbags and I can't wait!  Here are some peeks at what you and I have to look forward to:


Do YOU see anything you like?  :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Projects and Bags

I've been BUSY the last few weeks - cooking up new projects and working on some new bags.  The Farmer's Market has been good and I've enjoyed being there... thanks to all my buddies and new friends who've come by to say hello.  There's only three weeks left so come by again and BUY!  :)