Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easter Egg Decorations

The Easter Egg Project
This project came about when I was wandering through Hobby Lobby one day.  Their 'ready made' decorations were great but still a bit more than I wanted to spend; even at 30% off.  So I picked up some paper mache eggs and some wooden candlesticks and decided to throw it all together.  What resulted was a super cute project that I'm VERY excited to display this coming month for the Easter holiday! 

Here are the directions on how to make your own:
Starting off we'll be doing the Mod Podge'ing.... I used these three paper mache eggs, matte finish Mod Podge, a foam sponge applicator and a whole lovely pile of fabric scraps - most are leftover from my bunting that I sell in my Etsy shop (Pursewna Etsy Shop).  I use Charm Squares for the garland so the resulting scraps are PERFECT for this project!  Any fabric scraps you have lying around would work great though!  You could also use scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper - get creative!

Using scissors - cut your scraps down into workable sized pieces

Get your Mod Podge all ready to go and go for it!
(a holiday themed paper plate makes a GREAT palette!)  

Coat a good sized area of the egg with Mod Podge, then adhere a scrap of fabric

Be sure to immediately put another coat of MP over this scrap since you'll most likely be layering another scrap of fabric over it at some point.... keep layering and MP'ing until you eventually have the entire egg covered!

Note:  this brush did NOT work well!  Bristles started sticking to my egg so I quickly switched it out for the foam applicator - worked MUCH better....

This is a VERY messy project!  It helps to have a wet/damp washcloth or rag nearby so you can wipe your fingers occassionally - I found my fingers sticking to the egg/fabric at different points....

See what I mean?  MESSY!!!!

One egg down, two to go!  (I used paper cups to set the eggs in to dry....)

Egg #2 coming along well!

Two eggs down, one to go!

The BIG egg!!

You can see the three eggs in varying forms of 'dryness' - the egg on the left I did first, egg in the middle second and obviously the large egg last - see how it looks the glossiest?  (is that a word even?  sorry!)

3.  Paint your candlesticks!  I used a bunch of different 'Springy' colors of craft paint... whatever I had on hand in my craft closet/cupboard.  Don't look too close at my paint job - it's not perfect but homemade generally isn't, right?  (That's what I tell myself at least....)

All finished and looking snazzy!

4.  Embellish to your heart's content!  I grabbed some different sized ric rack, ribbon and my trusty hot glue gun.  That pink mat?  It's part of this AWESOME glue gun kit that I bought on Etsy!  It has saved my fingers from LOTS of burns lately!  Check them out:  (link)

Start embellishing!  

I would figure out a starting point, put a spot of glue down then add the ric rack/ribbon and 'roll' the egg towards me onto the ric rack/ribbon - seen in the pic here:

then finish off at your starting point with another spot of glue 
and cut the embellishment as close to that spot as you can....

Again - not perfect but this part will be at the back of your egg so not too important!

Next - add a ribbon of glue around the top of the candlestick 
(I put mine on the metal insert where the candle normally goes in)

As carefully as possible, stick your finished egg onto the glue/candlestick - try to keep it straight!

The first time I did this I noticed how messy the glue then looked, so I added some ribbon to hide this area.  Just add MORE glue around the base of the egg/top of the candlestick and wind a length of ribbon around it - as seen here:

The finished project!  I think these are going to look GREAT on my mantle alongside some wooden birdhouses I painted and my other Easter decorations.  I'll be sure to post all of my decor soon!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Photo of the Day Challenge

I felt like the photo-a-day challenge this month was a little more 'do-able' or maybe I was just more aware of it every day so I was ready and had ideas for the pics each day.  I find that I'm pretty literal in finding things to take photos of.... something to work on?  Get more creative?  Here's my month in pictures:
Day 1:  your view today
Day 3:  hands (my daughter helping Daddy wash the car)
Day 2:  words - not sure why/how these are mixed up...
Anyhow, my husband's handwriting on a CD he made for me with pictures and a wonderful REK song "I'm Coming Home".  This was to signify his return home after a NINE MONTH deployment!!!!
Day 4:  a stranger
Day 5:  10am
Day 6:  dinner (yummy, yummy - crock pot tomato, basil & parmesan soup!)
Day 7:  button (one of my faves from my stash)
Day 8:  sun (per a Dora the Explorer puzzle)
Day 9:  front door (decoration for Valentine's Day)
Day 10:  self portrait
Day 11:  makes you happy
Day 12:  inside your closet
Day 13:  blue (I was SICK!!!)

Day 14:  heart

Day 15:  phone (my phone previous to my current one... I'm in the cool crowd now with an iPhone)
Day 16:  something new (my daughter tried solids for the first time!)
Day 17:  time
Day 18:  drink (vodka collins - so refreshing!)
Day 19:  something I hate to do - laundry!
Day 20:  handwriting (these are recipes from my Grandma (top) and my Mom (bottom) - I love their handwriting....)
Day 21:  a fave photo of me (from 2007? - at a Navy Helicopter Ball)
Day 22:  where you work

Day 23:  shoes (my walking shoes - perfect for walking the dog)
Day 24:  inside your bathroom (just a little art and inspiration quotes in the crapper!)
Day 25:  green (my st. patrick's day garland)
Day 26:  night (man, it sucks staying up so late to watch the Oscars when you live on the East Coast!!!)
Day 27:  something you ate (my attempt to stay organized means planning the whole month of dinners.... F.F.Y. stands for FEND FOR YOURSELF!!!)
Day 28:  money (my daughter's piggy band which is a hand-me-down from when I was a little girl!)
Day 29:  something you're listening to (Pandora - I LOVE PANDORA!!!!  So amazing!)