Friday, October 24, 2014

Our Updated Laundry Room

Of coursed I'm only now realizing that I never took before pictures of our laundry room!  Bummer.  Well, it wasn't that it was awful - it just needed sprucing up!  And color - it definitely needed some color.  I ended up using some of the leftover paint from our dining room which is Benjamin Moore's Wedgewood Gray.  I love it in that room and I really like how it prettied up our laundry room too.  :)

Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray

There was the standard wired shelf that was above the washer and dryer and it was so high for my short self so my first idea was to rip that out and add in more shelving - simple right?  NOPE.  :(  The shelving ended up being REALLY nailed in so I ended up with some big holes in the drywall.  Thankfully we have a FANTASTIC handy friend, Miss Bonnie who came to my rescue!  She's a painter and because it was the 'off-season' for her she was available to help me do what I wanted!  She met me at Home Depot and helped me buy the right supplies to build shelving then she let me work with her to patch the holes, then I painted then she came back to the house to help me install the new shelving.  It was a great learning experience for me!

I'm really happy with how everything turned out - this is my first time having a second floor much less the laundry room on the second floor.  And a sink in the laundry room?  So fantastic!  Here's how everything ended up coming together:
Bonnie helped me to add a shelf above the washer and dryer that I could reach easily.  We also added a second shelf above it for additional storage.  The baskets hold items like lightbulbs, extra cleaning supplies, my Shark Mop attachments and more!
having a 'closet rod' in here was such a great idea!  I can hang up delicates to dry over the sink when I need to and it saves a ton of space having it above the sink!  (yellow knobs on cabinet: hobby lobby)
the cutest little printable I found online - when I'm on my third load of laundry for the day I'm not sure how much I believe this though!  :)
I dispense my laundry detergent and Oxi-Clean into plastic airtight bins and added chalkboard labels to keep them straight.  Clothespins are in the lidded jar and dryer sheets in the wire basket.  Most of the baskets and 'decorative items' were found at Home Goods.  Love that store!
There's plenty of room between the washer and dryer for this handy rolling cart and my stand up drying rack.  The rolling cart and the clock below were found on Zulily.

I made the little valance to go above the window - it's just the perfect amount of color to soften the room.  :)  The fabric is a really pretty mustard color that I found at JoAnne's.
I've been eyeing these huge clothespins for a couple of years now - they're from Ballard Designs and such a fun bit of whimsy in the room.  The ironing board cover is from Target.
One of my FAVORITE parts of this room is this rug!  I was going to get a chevron print but when I saw this on Overstock, I knew that the colors were perfect!  I got it for a great price too and it's holding up really well!

Have you redone your laundry room recently?  I was so inspired by all the great ideas out there on Pinterest.  I just love going into this room (despite how much I laoth doing laundry) and feeling like it's a 'pretty space' that's super functional too.  A special shout out to Bonnie for all your help!  This room could've been a HUGE disaster after I put all those holes in the wall but you came in and not only helped me but taught me some great 'fix it skills' too!  Thanks!!!