Friday, August 12, 2011

Car Seat Cover

I have heard about these covers and was so happy when I found a tutorial to make one.  I thought it'd be the perfect 'project' to work on if I found some energy.... three weeks away from my due date I'm not feeling like doing a whole lot of ANYTHING these days but this was a quick one - thankfully!  I love that this cover is just two cotton fabrics so lightweight which is important here in Florida - I figure this will deter unwanted touching of my baby but also block the bright sunshine as I'm taking her in and out of the car...

Here is a link to the great tutorial from the blog Cluck Cluck Sew that I used and an example of the cover she did:  car seat cover tutorial
photo source:

For my fabric I used some of the Moda "Botonay" line - it's fabric I actually won through a contest from "Fabric Chicks" - a fantastic fabric store in Coupeville, WA.  They sent me three full yards of this print in three different colorways and I've been trying to figure out what to do with them....  This was a great project to use it on!  The lining fabric is a simple green on green scroll pattern that I found at JoAnne's and the 'straps' is from a Fat Quarter also purchased at JoAnne's.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feeling the Love

I was contacted through Etsy recently about a giveaway on a blog and ended up sending a few items for it as well as a few items that the blogess (blogster?  blogger? Not sure on that one...) could review as well.

She posted her review today and I think it's super complimentary!  I received an A- grade which the perfectionist in me would of course love to be an A+++ but the constructive criticism she did give was really good.  Check out the post:  Graphoniac review of Pursewna

Monday, August 1, 2011

Crafty Lady

As you saw from previous posts - I have been doing a ton of craft/DIY projects for my 'coming soon' second daughter but I've done quite a bit of sewing and crafts for other areas of our house as well.  To give you a peek at some of these - here are some pictures and explanations....
This was a $3 purchase at a garage sale.... (love a good deal!)  It had a blackboard on one side and a white board on the other and was framed in an unfinished light wood - which had been well loved by permanent markers by it's previous owner.  I decided to spruce it up with some spray paint then used chalkboard paint to paint BOTH sides of the easel.  I figured white board markers would be too messy for my 2 year old.  I'm super happy with how it turned out!

notice I didn't do a great job of spray painting.....  :)

my daughter loved her new toy!

On our beat up adirondack chair on our front porch was a beaten up 'outdoor pillow' from Crate & Barrel.  To add some color to the area, I made a simple slipcover/pillow case out of some sunbrella fabric (actually, leftover fabric from re-upholstering some dining chairs earlier this year).  It was so EASY and I love the pop of color it adds to the porch.

I also used this fabric in the office to make a pillow cover with a zipper!  My FIRST EVER!  You can tell it's a first but I am so happy I conquered that fear!!!!  (sewing in a zipper.... it's easier than you'd think)

I apologize that this is such an awful picture.... I've been planning on making a cover for my sewing machine for years... I FINALLY got around to it and am so happy with how it turned out!  It has pockets on each end (which really, I'm not sure what the purpose would be) and fits really well!  I don't LOVE my fabrics but I wanted to keep within the red/white scheme that I already have in my office/craft room.  I used this tutorial as a guide for this cover:  Sewing Machine Cozy from Notes from the Patch