Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adorable Little Skirts

I made some adorable skirts last night.  The plan was to make one for each of my daughters but a yard of the fabric didn't cut it.... so instead I made one for baby girl #2 and her little friend.  Even though her friend is 7 months older they are about the same size so it was easy!  I found this adorable lightweight corduroy fabric on clearance at JoAnn's and had the jumbo ric rac in my stash:

I used a really basic tutorial found online (there are so many great skirt tutorials out there!!!) and adapted it a little bit to how I sew... not very straight.  :)  I love the detail the ric rac gives it - just a little something extra, ya know?

And of COURSE, big sister was jealous so I went back and got enough material to make her and her friend one too!  Gotta love it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Valentine Decorations

I did some major crafting last year for Valentine's Day so this year I decided to scale it back a bit.  I did make a couple of new items though and thought I'd share them here.

Kraft letters with Mod Podged scrapbook paper and craft paint:

These cuties look great on my mantle - a couple of things I think I'd do differently next time though - #1.  pick brighter papers.  The rest of my mantle has bright red and these are a bit muted in color in comparison.  #2.  NO GLITTERED PAPERS!  Duh?!  The "O" and "E" have the cutest paper - it's a pale pink with a bronze glitter polka dot pattern but seriously - right up until I was going to brush on the Mod Podge did I realize that the glitter was just going to smear everywhere.... and it totally did.  Oops!  They still look great from far away though!

My second craft was making a Valentine's wreath for my front door.

I LOVE how this turned out - I tried to use yarn I already had on hand but it ended up a bit too mismatched for me (ivory, red/marroon and pink) so I got rid of the red and purchased some more candy pink.  I LOVE the shabby flowers and mother of pearl buttons on here!!!