Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Silhouette SD
Check out this AWESOME MACHINE! I would love to win one of these and heck, if I don't win it - maybe get it as a gift?! ;) Maybe if I'm a really REALLY good girl this year I could get one from Santa?! (somebody be sure to tell Santa/my husband...)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hoot Hoot! New Owls Are Busting Pursewna's Inventory Wide!!!

Check out these cute new owls that I put together last week:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diaper Bags and Paisley Too

I worked on a diaper bag while I was in Montana visiting family - it was AWESOME to be able to use my Mom's amazing sewing room and her fancy-schmancy sewing machine too (see previous post).

Nice as well to have her help - she is a GREAT sewing assistant!  She helped me turn fabric, sew on buttons, etc.  Thanks Mom!  This bag is for my high school friend Simone - she was coming to Bozeman the weekend after we left to visit her family so she had a present waiting for her there!  So far, so good - she's left raving compliments on my Facebook page and I'm super happy she's pleased with her bag:

Some new additions to this bag - larger pocket
funky vintage buttons

two exterior pockets with Velcro
LOTS of great interior pockets
a key fob or for baby link toys...
a fabric loop for the button closure rather than elastic...

This past week I worked on a purse for Becky, a jet pilot here in Oak Harbor.  Becky is in Tom's squadron - Tom who is my friend Mary's husband.... (this is a small town, people get around!)  :)  Becky approached me at the first Farmer's Market I did and didn't LOVE the purses I already had done so I told her about some great paisley fabric I had left over for doing a bucket bag a couple months back for Lindsay in San Diego - Becky loved the fabric so I purchased some new lining fabric and it came out great!  I hope Becky is enjoying using her Pursewna bag!
this bag of Lindsays....
...became one for Becky too!
Great vintage buttons
nice, big exterior pocket (deeper to hold things better)
a little wrinkly, but a great deep red lining
another fabric loop for the button closure
My photo assistant.  :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

You Shall Not Covet Your Mom's Sewing Room...

... But I do!!!!

I recently visited my family in Montana and had some sewing to do while I was there.  (Post to come soon - finished a super cute diaper bag for my high school buddy Simone!)

It's hard not to covet this beautiful room - first off, she has an actual room for sewing (unlike the dining room, where I do all of my sewing).  It was an addition my parent's did to their house last year - my Dad got a new garage to house his future Camaro and my Mom got a sewing room - fair trade if you ask me!)  So they added a lovely room off their bedroom - it has great windows so wonderful natural light and features all the great things you'd expect to find in a nice sewing room!

My Mom has a fantastic cutting table - it has drop leaf sides so she can make the table extra big when she needs to or little tiny too.

She has a super-duper huge dresser full of amazing fabrics (not sure what she's going to do with all this great fabric but I know I could!!!!)

and an old sewing table from someone in our family that has lots of little knick-knacks and precious finds that I could spend hours going through.

There is also an antique ironing board with the cutest cover ever and the piece de resistance!

A BRAND NEW Bernina sewing machine - this thing had a ton of bells & whistles and put my little sad (hand-me down from my Mom) Bernina to shame.

It was SO much fun having the opportunity to sew with this fantastic machine and make use of all your sewing supplies and room - thanks for letting me Mom!!!!