Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Purse for our PT!

Amy was our AMAZING physical therapist down at Whidbey General in Coupeville last year.  She worked with us to help Ryleigh with an issue she had with her neck.  Basically, because of her traumatic birth (being breech and C-section and air lifted and all that other fun stuff) she had a 'trauma' to her neck in the form of a really 'tight' muscle.  I noticed it at about 3 weeks - a funky bump on her neck... Amy showed us how to do stretches and play games that got Ryleigh to move her head more and therefore 'stretch' out her neck muscles.  It worked!  We started seeing her around 6 or 9 weeks and by November we were declared healthy enough to quit visiting Amy.
  It was bittersweet to stop visiting her - great that Ryleigh was healthy but sad because I always looked forward to our PT appointments - Amy is just a super cool woman and she had lots of great advice on parenting as well as other life stuff.  :)

We recently visited with Amy so I could show her how far Ryleigh has come since we last saw her and to just visit and hear what all she's been up to!  She visited Haiti, her son is trying out for college baseball teams, their house is on the market (if you want 5 acres and an amazing house - call her), etc.  She also expressed a ton of interest in having me make her a Pursewna bag.
Amy with Ryleigh and her horse Misty

Here are pictures of the bag for Amy.... I hope she loves it!  I'm going to drop it by her work later today.  Thank you Amy - for everything!  I hope we continue to keep in touch!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Amber A's new bags...shipping out tomorrow!

Amber in Vancouver asked me to make her a couple of bags after seeing what I had to offer via my Facebook fan page and seeing her MIL Kristi's too!  After waiting a bit for some fabric to get back in stock at my fave online fabric shop (www.hawthornethreads.com), I finished them both up last night.  I LOVE them!  Such great fabric and color combos!!!!  Great picks Amber - I hope you LOVE them!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Owls at the local Farmer's Market

This evening I set up shop at the Oak Harbor Farmer's Market - it was my first time and I think a success!  The weather was weird - rain and gray skies, then sunshine and warmth followed by more rain and it ended on a high note of MORE sun with rain... who knows.  I'm the last person to guess what the weather is going to be like the next day - it's always changing around here!
I shared a booth with Karry who owns All Critter Pet Care and boards our doggy Bridger when we go out of town.  She has a farm and sells duck and chicken eggs as well as homemade artisan bread and pound cake - yum!  She was lovely and allowed me to share her spot for a few times this summer and I had a lot of fun.  I saw a bunch of great Mom friends and neighbors - lots of wonderful people stopped by to say hello and check out my wares.  I had about six purses displayed, 8 owls and a plethora of flower pins/brooches.  The owls were a HUGE hit which is great - I love making them and figuring out combos for the fabrics, eyes, beak, etc.  Here's a peek at some of my new owls as well as what my 'booth' looked like at the Market!