Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some fun fabrics for upcoming projects!

I thought I'd update the blog with some pictures of fabrics that I have waiting patiently to be sewn into purses!!!!  Most of the main fabrics you'll see here were wonderful pieces that my Mom gave to me.  She too, is addicted to buying fabrics but she usually uses them to make gorgeous and beautiful quilts - like this one she made for my daughter:
My Mom Dorie on the left and that's prego me holding the quilt she made!

The fabric on the right is a pretty pale apple green with a nice floral/script print.  I found the interior fabric at JoAnne's - it's just a simple green background with small daisies.  I'm excited to see the bag it becomes!
I'm referring to these pairs as Hot Pink & Fairy... the fabric on the right has a pale yellow background and it features a beautiful hot pink pattern of flowers and gray/blue daisies.  I paired it with another simple hot pink print.  
These fabrics are just awesome - the fabric on the right has lots of pinks with a shot of lime green near the egg!  The interior fabric reminds me of 'Jacks' - it's a bright lime green background with circles and abstract stars.
I love these fabrics also - I'm always attracted to yellows but I don't buy them nearly enough!  The exterior fabric is an Amy Butler design with gorgeous lotus flowers.  I picked a whimsical interior print that is a pale yellow leaf/rose pattern on a white background.  

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kara's Diaper Bag Complete

The newest Pursewna diaper bag was completed earlier today and I am thrilled with how fun it is!  Kara picked out some great fabrics that work so well together!  They're bright, colorful and festive!  Kara mentioned that she'll use this bag most often for travel - she loved the idea of having a diaper bag that was big but could open up wide to find what you needed!  Very important when traveling with a baby!  Kara - I hope you (and Blake) enjoy everything this bag is able to do!  Enjoy!

This particular diaper bag features interior pockets - some scaled to size; perfect for bottles, as well as three pockets on the outside. Two long handles so bag can be worn over the shoulder or cross-the-body... always good when hands need to be free. A 'link clip' is located at the base of one handle - perfect for clipping car keys or childrens' link toys.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blues Bag Tote

I just finished another great tote to add to my Etsy shop (!  It features a great brown, turquoise and red modern floral print for the main body of the bag, a turquoise graphic print for the band and handle as well as a great blue and brown paisley for the interior of the bag.  The Blues Bag has three vintage wooden buttons as a great detail piece on the exterior as well as a single band/handle which has my signature pleat with decorative stitching.  I think this bag is awesome!  What a fun accessory to add to an outfit! 

This bag is nice and big - perfect to use as a carry on for the plane or maybe even as a book bag for a high school or college student! 

I am also starting sewing on a diaper bag for my good friend Kara - she and I were both Kappa Delta's at WSU and she welcomed a little boy Blake to her family last July!  She was looking for a good diaper bag for traveling and asked me to create one for her.  I had her look online at fabrics and after some back and forth we came up with this awesome combo:

The large floral will be on the exterior and the fun zebra print will be inside!  Great choice of fabrics Kara!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nikki's Custom Diaper Bag

I posted a few weeks back about a diaper bag I created for my good friend Nikki.  Nikki is due ANY MINUTE with her first little kiddo and she was super sweet to want a bag from me to use!  I pointe her in the direction of and told her to 'go crazy' picking out a couple of fabrics that she really loved.  She chose a great red and black floral for the exterior and a white and black 'scroll' print for the interior.  I was SO excited to get Nikki her diaper bag that I forgot to take pictures prior to packaging and mailing it to her. She was kind enough to take some pictures however and here they are:
Nikki modeling her new Pursewna diaper bag!  She looks like a professional Mommy already!

The interior fabric of Nikki's bag has a beautiful scroll floral print in black on a white background.  I also put six pockets inside as well as three pockets on the outside too.

Another pic of the exterior of Nikki's bag - features an vintage white button for the closure....

Nikki - I am SO excited for you to be a Mommy!  You and Joe are going to make great parents!  Sending you LOTS of positive 'labor and delivery' thoughts!!!!  Maybe Baby will give you an ultimate birthday present and arrive on the 11th to share your birthday!