Monday, January 31, 2011


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Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring Fabrics

I headed to our local WalMart today for a certain tie dye fabric.... of course I couldn't find it but instead I found a bunch of other fun stuff!  They had a TON of fabrics on sale - piles and piles!  They're getting rid of inventory to make room for a bunch of new stuff.  :)  Here's some of the fun prints I found:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Camera Straps

I attempted a camera strap for our dSLR last year but it was pretty rough.  I've been meaning to attempt one again and had the perfect excuse when my brother asked me to make him one at Christmas.  He picked out some 'manly' fabric and then I used some of my fabric stash to make a couple extra.  The tutorial I found this time around was great:  The Cottage Mama Camera Strap.  Obviously I didn't put a bunch of ruffles on a strap for my brother but it helped me get started.  I did however make lovely ruffles and gathers on the other two straps.  Here are a few pics:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mini Projects

I've worked on a couple of 'mini projects' this past week to keep me occupied.  We purchased a portable DVD player awhile back (the BEST money we've ever spent!!!) but we needed a carrying case for it so looking online I found this tutorial:  Make It and Love It Portable DVD Player Case Tutorial.  It turned out OK - the construction isn't great - it felt like some steps were a bit backwards (when you put the straps on and the flap, etc.) and the strap is super flimsy and doesn't feel very strong.  BUT, for an easy case and our needs, it should work great!
What do you think?
under construction - the back pocket

the finished product!
the pocket on the back for straps and cords
the tutorial has directions for a divider so if you have dual screens for the DVD players but I figure we can put DVD's in the 'extra section' of our case

I also made Ryleigh a pillowcase for a pillow for her crib!  I had a small pillow insert laying around and so I used three fat quarters to sew a super cute pillowcase!

A Special Bag for a Special Someone at Christmas

I love my Mom.... we're great friends now that I'm well passed puberty and the ugliness of that time period and for that I'm thankful.  (I'm sure she is too - I was AWFUL!!!!)  She also forgave me for that ugliness and kept loving me.  My Mom is super generous - every time I'm home she lets me peek through all of her fabric and just take whatever I want!  How crazy is that?  I try and say no but she has some gorgeous fabrics and it's hard to say no to new gorgeous fabrics!!!  This past summer she gave me some prints and requested that I make her a 'bucket bag' similar to a few I've had in my Etsy shop.  It's a large round bucket of a bag that's especially great for travel or when you need to bring LOTS with you!  The fabric was beautiful but with all that I had going on I didn't get around to making the bag until December which meant this awesome bag was a fantastic Christmas present.  Here are pics of the finished project - glad you like it Mom!!!!