Thursday, April 29, 2010

WHOLESALE (kind of...)

I recently approached a local shop owner (after a BIG talk up from a great college buddy) about selling my bags in their shop!  Well - things turned out well enough that they are VERY interested and I will be dropping off four bags this afternoon at The Rusty Chandelier (770 SE Pioneer Way, Oak Harbor, WA  98277).  I am THRILLED to have another way of spreading my 'name' and product!  It's been great fun designing these four bags and I hope they sell well!  They'll be at the shop on a consignment basis at first - to see how well they sell but after that, they said they'd buy outright!  Any tips on wholesaling - send them my way!
Diaper bag - features three large exterior pockets and one small as well as a 'link clip' - perfect for keys, pacifier holders or link toys!
Small pocket on the outside of the bag and button closure
Interior shot of six larger pockets
Bag #2 is Amy Butler fabrics and is reversible!
Close up shot of the button detailing and fabrics
Interior look... two small pockets inside
Bag #2 reversed - a whole new look!
Bag #3 is also reversible but features these beautiful fabrics by Laura Gunn
Interior show - two small pockets inside
The poppies bag reversed!
Bag #4 has a beautiful floral print in aqua, green and a bit of red
Interior show - two small pockets inside
Strap detailing
Bag #4 reversed - love this!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Obsessed with Lilacs

Lilac Flower

The lilacs in my area are starting to bloom and I couldn't be happier.  I've been stealing them for a couple weeks now...  It's something I've done for years - when I lived in Seattle after college there were some bushes in a house that backed up to the alley behind my apartment.  I would wait until nightfall and then run out with a pair of scissors and a vase and snip branch after branch.... now I've gotten bold enough to steal blooms in the daylight!  There seem to be many bushes here in town and many 'seem to be' on public property - perfect for picking and enjoying!  I happened upon some bushes near our downtown area a week ago and broke off a couple branches then.  While running errands yesterday I stopped by again and filled a whole bucket full.  They're currently swimming in water; providing their sweet smell in my kitchen.  It actually MAKES me want to do dishes because I have a small vase perched on the window sill in front of my kitchen sink.  Who knew?

We head out on vacation soon and I just hope that they aren't past their peak when we return - I'll want to go 'steal' more as soon as we get home!

I was inspired to look online at Etsy to see what lilac goodies I could find.  Here's a sampling:

Spring Lilac Perfume from orangethyme:



lovely lilac

Lilac blossom - FREE SHIPPING

Lilac Merrymaker Skirt, 2-3T

New MCN Lilac Dream Truffle Chocolatee Line

I hope you've enjoyed these lilac finds from Etsy as much as I have!  If you can - go brighten your home with your own vase of Lilac cuttings!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Colors - oh so pretty!

I recently uploaded new items to my Etsy shop - these four bags would be great Mother's Day gifts and a wonderful addition to your Spring wardrobe.  Check out these great new bags:
The Gingko Print Hobo-Style bag already SOLD on Etsy!  Thanks Danielle for purchasing from Pursewna!
I love these two fabrics together - it turned out awesome
I orginally purchased this fabric back in January - I was really happy 
to have enough left over to make a second bag!  

The lotus print hobo-style bag is another favorite - I love yellow but definitely don't use it enough (or wear it enough for that matter).  It seems it has to be the RIGHT shade of yellow though - I have light hair and fair skin so a bright yellow is too much.  Not everyone can wear that chartreuse color that Oprah  loves to wear!  Good on her though - it looks fantastic with her skin!
Here are a few of the Vintage buttons I scattered on this particular bag - I love the extra "oomph" that they add!  And it certainly makes each bag different
The strap detailing - I really like how the green thread stands out against the yellows...
A fairly poor shot of the interior fabric - it's a beautiful dainty graphic floral of yellow on cream.  It makes a fantastic contrast against the moor modern lotus print (an Amy Butler fabric of course!)

Bag #2 with the lotus fabric - this one features amber colored Vintage buttons
Those amber colored buttons I was talking about...
Again, the same yellow on cream floral print was used for the interior
Here is a picture of the pocket on the exterior of the bag - the two lotus print bags are both REVERSIBLE!!!!  What a great deal - two bags in one!

The last bag is a gorgeous moss green color in a somewhat botanical damask print.
This bag has a Vintage dark green button so it looks like it has a button closure but it's faux - this bag is actually reversible!
Here's a shot of the exterior pocket which features the interior fabric - it is a green on green daisy print
and a fabulous picture which shows the detailing on the straps
I had to add my dog to the picture - how cute it he?!  
Bridger should be in the movies - like Marley in "Marley and Me" but better behaved... most of the time!

Here's a few pics of Bridger - just for fun:

I was testing my photography skills - are they getting better?
What a handsome guy - he's 95 pounds!!!  BIG but a gentle giant
Bridger was named after the Bridger mountain range which is outside of the town I grew up in; Bozeman, Montana
It seems like he's thinking "really, another picture?"