Friday, June 27, 2014

What I've Been Up To

I know, I know - it's been FOREVER since I've written here on this blog - I've been fairly good about updating our family blog but this one definitely falls to the bottom of my to-do list regularly.  It's not because I haven't been working on projects/crafts/etc.  I have!  Here's a peek into some of my recent projects:
Back in March I finally got around to cutting handbags out of all the fabric I had on hand.  I had quite the fun stash of great stuff!  You'll see that I've FINALLY gotten around to sewing some of these!  :)
My daughter's birthday was in May - like many other girls, she's in love with the movie "Frozen" so I tried to do as many DIY decorations that I could.  (I couldn't find ANYTHING in our local stores - it was all sold out!)  I made these great tissue paper garlands using turquoise, purple, silver and polka dot tissue papers.  In the background you'll see the birthday craft - making snowmen!
 This was my first attempt at using a pool noodle as the wreath form - it didn't work very well!  See how it's an oval shape rather than a circle?  Oh well - it turned out cute all the same.

 The birthday girl and a few friends - I used a shower curtain as the backdrop to her cake table and made the birthday garland using simple latter printables found online.
 This fun tooth fairy pillow was made to capture my daughter's FIRST loose tooth!
 This was my first 'back into my groove' handbag that I ended up selling from my Etsy shop.  I loved the print of the exterior fabric - the combination of the pink, coral, gray and green.
 I quickly made this tote to give to my secret sister at MOPS.  I hope she liked it - her favorite color is turquoise so I thought it would be perfect.
 A good friend that I used to work with has asked me a few times now to make personalized wreaths for her to give as baby shower gifts.  This little guys Daddy is a big Auburn fan so we made it to show some school spirit!
 Another friend asked me to make some bunting for her sister's baby girl - they were able to use this as decoration for her baby shower and then it's going up in her nursery too.  It turned out so sweet!
 A long time ago another friend asked if I could make a colorful birthday bunting that they could use for every birthday in their house - boys and girls alike.  I thought this rainbow chevron was a great background and fit the bill perfectly!
 Lots of custom work lately - a local friend asked me to make some pillow covers for pillows she's putting on her outdoor chairs.  This bright yellow floral is sunny and bright.
This was my first fabric rag wreath and I LOVE IT!  I followed some directions I found on Pinterest and a metal wire wreath form.  I just cut a TON of 1"x7" strips out of red, white and blue fabric I found at WalMart then spent a couple of hours tying them onto the form.  I think next time I'll cut the strips a bit longer - 8 or 9 inches long instead.  It is the perfect addition to my front door for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday though!

And here are some new items for sale in my Etsy shop - check out for more details!
one length of garland - 3 feet long $8.00
turquoise herringbone handbag $22.00
brown floral tote $20.00
Pink Mosaic Tile Handbag $22.00
Navy Blue Handbag $22.00
Red Chevron Handbag (large) $25.00

Decorating-wise, my laundry room is done and fantastic... I just need to get around to taking some pictures of it.  I hope to get some photos up soon!  Not to mention new owls and handbags in the shop soon too!