Monday, June 28, 2010

A diaper bag from the past...

Here are pics of the diaper bag I made last month for my friend Shannon M.  She purchased/commissioned the bag for another of our sorority sister's (Stacy) who had an adorable little guy right around the time the bag was finished!  (He was a few weeks early but from what I hear - doing great!)  I wanted to be sure and hold off on posting pictures until Shannon had sent Stacy the bag and I'm guessing she has it by now - hopefully she loves it!  These fabrics are by Tanya Whelan and part of the "Dolce" collection:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A New Diaper Bag for.... ME!

I finally made time to make myself a diaper bag this week - seems silly but there was always someone else's bag to make so I put it off for weeks, then months.  :)  Well, the waiting paid off because I am super thrilled with how my bag turned out.  I found some great material a few months back at my favorite quilting store in Anacortes - it has a black background with these large, gorgeous poppies on it... oranges, white, yellow, amber, red - all represented.  It jumped out at me as I walked by and begged me to buy it!  I did with no project in mind; just knew I had to have it!  Not long after I came across a ton of great tye-die print fabric in a variety of colors at Wal-Mart... they were on sale and I knew it'd be easy to find pairings for them.  That's where the great orange-red coordinating fabric came from.  Here's the finished result:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something new...

OWLS!  I found a great tutorial on-line by: and I am in LOVE with the finished product!  Not to mention I'm totally being GREEN - I re-used a ton of fabric that was just in my scraps bin! So happy to find something to do with it!  
Check 'em out!

This was a super easy project - I was able to cut all the needed pieces in an hour for SEVEN (7) owls and then sewed them each in another hour... stuffed them all while watching a movie (Leap Year - don't rent it; not worth the money) and hand-sewed the remaining part while watching the Glee finale again!  I still have one more that didn't make it to the last step of hand sewing... maybe it blended into my tablecloth?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My best work yet?!

I am THRILLED with how these new purses turned out!  Both are as large as the diaper bags but one will be used for school (so no binky clip) and one has shorter handles.  They were for my super great neighbor Sherry - I hope she loves them!