Monday, November 23, 2009

A Great Baby Gift Idea!!!

I just HAD to share the COOLEST gift that we recently recieved from my brother Luke.  He lives in the Bay Area and works at a bronze foundry there.  He gave me a 'coupon' when my daughter was born for 'a pair of baby shoes bronzed' and he just sent them to us last week.  I am incredibly impressed and wanted to pass on that he is available to do others if you need a baby gift!!!  You can email Luke at if you have any questions.

Check them out and remember, I'm not a good photographer so these pictures do NOT do them justice!! 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Boutique - Such Fun!

Well my first holiday/craft show has come and gone!  The local Holiday Boutique put on by the OSC of Whidbey Island was yesterday and seemed incredibly successful!  I had a great time displaying my purses, handbags and diaper bags and LOVED all the amazing feedback I recieved from people as they passed by my booth.  My husband did such a great job building my display - we used pegboard and 2X4's to create a heightened display and then I hung bags from hooks on the display.  It worked FANTASTIC!  I was so pleased with being able to show off my bags at their best instead of just laying/draping them on my table.  Thanks hubby!  I also had great support from my Mom - not only did she sew the great mesh bags you'll see below but she also sewed the adorable apron I was wearing!  Thanks Mom!

 at my booth prior to the start of the show

I set a very high goal for this show - I'd hoped to sell all the bags I had with me and although that didn't happen, I do feel like I recieved lots of great feedback and handed out a ton of business cards - it was a great way to get my name out there!  I hope that if you grabbed one of my cards and ended up here on my blog you enjoy what you see!  I am going to post pictures of all the bags that I brought back home with me - if any of these caught your eye and you're still interested in purchasing one - please feel free to email me at  OR - if you're interested in a custom purse/handbag/diaper bag and would like to discuss design options and colors - please contact me as well!  I look forward to speaking to any/all of you!

Thanks to the OSC for a great job of organizing the event and to all the other vendors and those who had advice for me as I start this business venture - you're wonderful!

Avocado Squiggle Bag $35.00

Chocolate Floral Patchwork Small $20.00

Apple Seed Bag $25.00

Avocado Squiggle Bag Small $25.00

Chocolate Floral Tote $35.00

Floral Bag with Buttons - Large $30.00

Teal Paisley Diaper/Gym Bag $55.00

Pink Mesh Bag $18.00*

Neon Green Mesh Bag $18.00*

Brown Mesh Bag $18.00*

*Someone at the boutique pointed out that these mesh bags would make FABULOUS swimming bags or beach bags.  Wet towels/suits will dry out easily and sand would just pass through - easy to wash too!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Great Bag

Just wanted to post a few quick pictures of one of the latest bags I've sewn.  It is the same style as the flight and script bag in an earlier post but with different fabrics.  My great friend Liz has placed an order with me for 5 bags!!  She's giving them as Christmas gifts which is awesome.  I have some fantastic fabrics that I've gotten and will be using these to make her bags.  This bag will be going possibly to her mother or mother-in-law!  (I hope they don't look at this blog cause the secret's out of the bag!  No pun intended...)

Whimsy Bag

Close Up Detail of Whimsy Bag

A Look at the Interior Fabric

Monday, November 2, 2009

Inventory for Holiday Boutique

I have been working SO hard to sew my little hands off and get a good supply of purses done for the upcoming Holiday Boutique.  I'll be showing on November 21st here in Oak Harbor.  (Come out and show your support - the Boutique will be at Living Word Church (490 NW Crosby Rd) from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM!!!) 

I am thrilled to say I currently have 20 purses finished... I'm hoping to get 4-5 more purses done but we're heading on vacation tomorrow so my trusty Bernina gets a break.  Here is a small selection of what I will be offering at the Boutique!