Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June Photos

I really like my pictures this month!  I think I got some really funny ones - and wouldn't you know it - I'm missing one day!  (Seems to be a recurring theme here....)
Anyhow - here's a peek into my life this past month of June!
driving to school....

running on empty!
just a few things to do today...

LOVE this hat that Ryleigh made at school - Dr. Seuss week!


a fire hydrant on the Academy campus

a Navy wife!
but perfect all the same....
dirty kitchen!

my birthday cake...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

May Photo A Day

May... Oh yeah, it's July now?!  OOPS!  Guess I better go ahead and get this posted then.  What a FUN challenge this has been!  I LOVE looking back to see the pics I've taken each day.  Hope you are enjoying it too!

day 1 - peace
day 2 - skyline (or what you can say is Felida's skyline)

day 3 - something you wore today
day 4 - FUN!
day 6 - YOU
day 7 - someone that inspires you (my friend Wendy who is an AWESOME Mom)
day 8 - a smell you adore (LILACS are the best) 
day 9 -something you do everyday (feed this hungry chick)
day 10 
day 11 - kitchen (and my hunky husband)
day 12 - something that makes you happy (Widmer Hef)
day 13 - MUM
day 15 - love (for frozen yogurt)
day 16 - what you're reading
day 17 - snack (and a very unhealthy one at that)
day 18
day 19 - a favourite place
day 20 - something you can't live without

day 22
day 23 (my awesome BOSE speaker)
day 24 - something new
day 25 - unusual (hard to tell - but it's sunny AND raining.... FL - sigh)
day 26 - dinner prep

day 28
day 29 - number (of children I have)

and that's all I got for May!  I missed getting pics of day 30 - your personality (how oh, how could I take a picture of that?) and day 31 - something beautiful (I know I could find something to take a pic of for that... just got lazy).