Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April Photo A Day

I didn't do a very good job of actually taking one photo every day - seems like I was constantly playing catch up.  May isn't going any better - I think I'm about three days behind now.  :(  Oh well - it's still a lot of fun to think of creative ways to finish the 'assignment' each day.  Here's a look at how my April was:

your reflection
someone your grateful for
tiny (toes)
what you ate for lunch
my shadow (most days)
inside your wallet
younger you (i've got my own 'mini me')
where you ate breakfast
stairs (at the playground)
something you found (perfect for a little baby's nursery)
how you are feeling (tired, always tired)

something you don't like (red wine)
hair (if only my hair color was still like hers)
something you drew (necklace onesies)
the last thing you bought (snacks for a trip)
vegetable (yep, there's one in there)
something you're grateful for
looking down
black & white
somewhere you went (yum!)
1pm (same day - also yum!)
circles (fresh beat band concert)

something that makes you sad (doesn't that look soooo uncomfortable?)

I'll be linking up again to this great linky party on House of Smiths!  :)