Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Boutique - Such Fun!

Well my first holiday/craft show has come and gone!  The local Holiday Boutique put on by the OSC of Whidbey Island was yesterday and seemed incredibly successful!  I had a great time displaying my purses, handbags and diaper bags and LOVED all the amazing feedback I recieved from people as they passed by my booth.  My husband did such a great job building my display - we used pegboard and 2X4's to create a heightened display and then I hung bags from hooks on the display.  It worked FANTASTIC!  I was so pleased with being able to show off my bags at their best instead of just laying/draping them on my table.  Thanks hubby!  I also had great support from my Mom - not only did she sew the great mesh bags you'll see below but she also sewed the adorable apron I was wearing!  Thanks Mom!

 at my booth prior to the start of the show

I set a very high goal for this show - I'd hoped to sell all the bags I had with me and although that didn't happen, I do feel like I recieved lots of great feedback and handed out a ton of business cards - it was a great way to get my name out there!  I hope that if you grabbed one of my cards and ended up here on my blog you enjoy what you see!  I am going to post pictures of all the bags that I brought back home with me - if any of these caught your eye and you're still interested in purchasing one - please feel free to email me at  OR - if you're interested in a custom purse/handbag/diaper bag and would like to discuss design options and colors - please contact me as well!  I look forward to speaking to any/all of you!

Thanks to the OSC for a great job of organizing the event and to all the other vendors and those who had advice for me as I start this business venture - you're wonderful!

Avocado Squiggle Bag $35.00

Chocolate Floral Patchwork Small $20.00

Apple Seed Bag $25.00

Avocado Squiggle Bag Small $25.00

Chocolate Floral Tote $35.00

Floral Bag with Buttons - Large $30.00

Teal Paisley Diaper/Gym Bag $55.00

Pink Mesh Bag $18.00*

Neon Green Mesh Bag $18.00*

Brown Mesh Bag $18.00*

*Someone at the boutique pointed out that these mesh bags would make FABULOUS swimming bags or beach bags.  Wet towels/suits will dry out easily and sand would just pass through - easy to wash too!!!

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