Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some fun fabrics for upcoming projects!

I thought I'd update the blog with some pictures of fabrics that I have waiting patiently to be sewn into purses!!!!  Most of the main fabrics you'll see here were wonderful pieces that my Mom gave to me.  She too, is addicted to buying fabrics but she usually uses them to make gorgeous and beautiful quilts - like this one she made for my daughter:
My Mom Dorie on the left and that's prego me holding the quilt she made!

The fabric on the right is a pretty pale apple green with a nice floral/script print.  I found the interior fabric at JoAnne's - it's just a simple green background with small daisies.  I'm excited to see the bag it becomes!
I'm referring to these pairs as Hot Pink & Fairy... the fabric on the right has a pale yellow background and it features a beautiful hot pink pattern of flowers and gray/blue daisies.  I paired it with another simple hot pink print.  
These fabrics are just awesome - the fabric on the right has lots of pinks with a shot of lime green near the egg!  The interior fabric reminds me of 'Jacks' - it's a bright lime green background with circles and abstract stars.
I love these fabrics also - I'm always attracted to yellows but I don't buy them nearly enough!  The exterior fabric is an Amy Butler design with gorgeous lotus flowers.  I picked a whimsical interior print that is a pale yellow leaf/rose pattern on a white background.  

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