Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Colors - oh so pretty!

I recently uploaded new items to my Etsy shop - these four bags would be great Mother's Day gifts and a wonderful addition to your Spring wardrobe.  Check out these great new bags:
The Gingko Print Hobo-Style bag already SOLD on Etsy!  Thanks Danielle for purchasing from Pursewna!
I love these two fabrics together - it turned out awesome
I orginally purchased this fabric back in January - I was really happy 
to have enough left over to make a second bag!  

The lotus print hobo-style bag is another favorite - I love yellow but definitely don't use it enough (or wear it enough for that matter).  It seems it has to be the RIGHT shade of yellow though - I have light hair and fair skin so a bright yellow is too much.  Not everyone can wear that chartreuse color that Oprah  loves to wear!  Good on her though - it looks fantastic with her skin!
Here are a few of the Vintage buttons I scattered on this particular bag - I love the extra "oomph" that they add!  And it certainly makes each bag different
The strap detailing - I really like how the green thread stands out against the yellows...
A fairly poor shot of the interior fabric - it's a beautiful dainty graphic floral of yellow on cream.  It makes a fantastic contrast against the moor modern lotus print (an Amy Butler fabric of course!)

Bag #2 with the lotus fabric - this one features amber colored Vintage buttons
Those amber colored buttons I was talking about...
Again, the same yellow on cream floral print was used for the interior
Here is a picture of the pocket on the exterior of the bag - the two lotus print bags are both REVERSIBLE!!!!  What a great deal - two bags in one!

The last bag is a gorgeous moss green color in a somewhat botanical damask print.
This bag has a Vintage dark green button so it looks like it has a button closure but it's faux - this bag is actually reversible!
Here's a shot of the exterior pocket which features the interior fabric - it is a green on green daisy print
and a fabulous picture which shows the detailing on the straps
I had to add my dog to the picture - how cute it he?!  
Bridger should be in the movies - like Marley in "Marley and Me" but better behaved... most of the time!

Here's a few pics of Bridger - just for fun:

I was testing my photography skills - are they getting better?
What a handsome guy - he's 95 pounds!!!  BIG but a gentle giant
Bridger was named after the Bridger mountain range which is outside of the town I grew up in; Bozeman, Montana
It seems like he's thinking "really, another picture?"

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