Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Purse for our PT!

Amy was our AMAZING physical therapist down at Whidbey General in Coupeville last year.  She worked with us to help Ryleigh with an issue she had with her neck.  Basically, because of her traumatic birth (being breech and C-section and air lifted and all that other fun stuff) she had a 'trauma' to her neck in the form of a really 'tight' muscle.  I noticed it at about 3 weeks - a funky bump on her neck... Amy showed us how to do stretches and play games that got Ryleigh to move her head more and therefore 'stretch' out her neck muscles.  It worked!  We started seeing her around 6 or 9 weeks and by November we were declared healthy enough to quit visiting Amy.
  It was bittersweet to stop visiting her - great that Ryleigh was healthy but sad because I always looked forward to our PT appointments - Amy is just a super cool woman and she had lots of great advice on parenting as well as other life stuff.  :)

We recently visited with Amy so I could show her how far Ryleigh has come since we last saw her and to just visit and hear what all she's been up to!  She visited Haiti, her son is trying out for college baseball teams, their house is on the market (if you want 5 acres and an amazing house - call her), etc.  She also expressed a ton of interest in having me make her a Pursewna bag.
Amy with Ryleigh and her horse Misty

Here are pictures of the bag for Amy.... I hope she loves it!  I'm going to drop it by her work later today.  Thank you Amy - for everything!  I hope we continue to keep in touch!

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