Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diaper Bags and Paisley Too

I worked on a diaper bag while I was in Montana visiting family - it was AWESOME to be able to use my Mom's amazing sewing room and her fancy-schmancy sewing machine too (see previous post).

Nice as well to have her help - she is a GREAT sewing assistant!  She helped me turn fabric, sew on buttons, etc.  Thanks Mom!  This bag is for my high school friend Simone - she was coming to Bozeman the weekend after we left to visit her family so she had a present waiting for her there!  So far, so good - she's left raving compliments on my Facebook page and I'm super happy she's pleased with her bag:

Some new additions to this bag - larger pocket
funky vintage buttons

two exterior pockets with Velcro
LOTS of great interior pockets
a key fob or for baby link toys...
a fabric loop for the button closure rather than elastic...

This past week I worked on a purse for Becky, a jet pilot here in Oak Harbor.  Becky is in Tom's squadron - Tom who is my friend Mary's husband.... (this is a small town, people get around!)  :)  Becky approached me at the first Farmer's Market I did and didn't LOVE the purses I already had done so I told her about some great paisley fabric I had left over for doing a bucket bag a couple months back for Lindsay in San Diego - Becky loved the fabric so I purchased some new lining fabric and it came out great!  I hope Becky is enjoying using her Pursewna bag!
this bag of Lindsays....
...became one for Becky too!
Great vintage buttons
nice, big exterior pocket (deeper to hold things better)
a little wrinkly, but a great deep red lining
another fabric loop for the button closure
My photo assistant.  :)

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