Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And the holiday season has STARTED!!!

This past weekend I had my first of two holiday shows that I'm attending this season.  It was the local OSCWI's (officer spouse's club of Whidbey Island) annual Holiday Boutique here in Oak Harbor, WA.  I did this show last year as well (my first EVER holiday show) and it was a lot of fun to see the differences between the two years.  Last year the event was held at a local church but the vendors were split up into two buildings - that was rough because the weather was so awful and people had to go outside to get from one place to the next.  I think too that because the weather was so bad, many people didn't attend.

This year the numbers were staggering!  The place was packed for most of the day and lots of people were out to buy, buy, buy!!!!  I only sold two handbags this year but my owls were a big hit - lots of people loved that they came in three sizes (mini, medium and large) and commented how cute they were.  I had a lot of fun helping people pick the perfect owl to take home with them or to give to a loved one.  I heard a lot of "this is perfect for the baby's room" and "this is going to make the best baby shower gift".  A woman even had an owl printed tshirt and bought one!  :)
these are AWFUL photos (the lighting was pretty bad in the venue)
but it gives you an idea of how my booth was set up!

I was so excited about the packaging I did for my hair clips and pins,
I found the cutest scrapbooking card-stock.... 

I had a LOT more items to offer this year too - not only did I have a wide variety of handbags, diaper bags and totes, I had the three sizes of owls, a few aprons, and bandana skirts - I also had floral hair clips and floral brooches as well as fabric garland for decorating.  I received lots of great compliments as well as some awesome advice!!!  I appreciated all of it.  The BEST part of the show was that my Mom was there 99% of the time helping me out!  It was so fun to be doing something with her and to have her extra set of hands.  THANKS MOM!!!!!!  (oh and my Dad helped me unload and set up/tear down - HUGE help!!!)

I have another holiday show coming up next week in Vancouver, WA at Heritage High School.  It'll be on Saturday, November 27th from 9am - 3pm.  If you're in the area - come see me!!!!  I have lots of new ideas on how to display my booth and am excited to reach out to a new audience!!!

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