Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Special Bag for a Special Someone at Christmas

I love my Mom.... we're great friends now that I'm well passed puberty and the ugliness of that time period and for that I'm thankful.  (I'm sure she is too - I was AWFUL!!!!)  She also forgave me for that ugliness and kept loving me.  My Mom is super generous - every time I'm home she lets me peek through all of her fabric and just take whatever I want!  How crazy is that?  I try and say no but she has some gorgeous fabrics and it's hard to say no to new gorgeous fabrics!!!  This past summer she gave me some prints and requested that I make her a 'bucket bag' similar to a few I've had in my Etsy shop.  It's a large round bucket of a bag that's especially great for travel or when you need to bring LOTS with you!  The fabric was beautiful but with all that I had going on I didn't get around to making the bag until December which meant this awesome bag was a fantastic Christmas present.  Here are pics of the finished project - glad you like it Mom!!!!


  1. Amy, what a great bag! Thats awesome that you and your mom can share a hobby and love of fabric!

  2. Amy, I LOVE my bag!!! You are a wonderful daughter and friend!!