Monday, November 7, 2011

Oakleaf Expo - Saturday, November 5th

This last weekend I participated in my first show in the Jacksonville area.  It was a very local show - within my neighborhood here but a great one!  There were 100 differents vendors - anything from pet sitting to bouncy houses, Arbonne to Avon and everything in between....  then there was me and a few others with homemade items!
so happy to be inside!  
looking the other direction inside...
brr.... it was a cold and windy day!  YUCK!
It wasn't my best show but considering the size of the event and it being my first show here in Jax, I'm happy with how I did.  I feel like I got my name out there and because it is original, hopefully a lot of people will remember it!  :)

this is one of the AMAZING 'coat racks' that my FIL Buzz made me!  LOVE THEM!!!

I met some really amazing ladies - please take a minute to look at their amazing products:

Tori with One.Eleven Handmade Bags - she is new to Etsy but has a BEAUTIFUL blog:
One Eleven
I can't wait to see what Tori does on Etsy!

and Maria with Vintage Ooak Designs:

Here's a look at the amazing bib necklace that my MIL & FIL bought for me from Maria:

SO beautiful!!!  I love it!

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