Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Photo of the Day Challenge

I felt like the photo-a-day challenge this month was a little more 'do-able' or maybe I was just more aware of it every day so I was ready and had ideas for the pics each day.  I find that I'm pretty literal in finding things to take photos of.... something to work on?  Get more creative?  Here's my month in pictures:
Day 1:  your view today
Day 3:  hands (my daughter helping Daddy wash the car)
Day 2:  words - not sure why/how these are mixed up...
Anyhow, my husband's handwriting on a CD he made for me with pictures and a wonderful REK song "I'm Coming Home".  This was to signify his return home after a NINE MONTH deployment!!!!
Day 4:  a stranger
Day 5:  10am
Day 6:  dinner (yummy, yummy - crock pot tomato, basil & parmesan soup!)
Day 7:  button (one of my faves from my stash)
Day 8:  sun (per a Dora the Explorer puzzle)
Day 9:  front door (decoration for Valentine's Day)
Day 10:  self portrait
Day 11:  makes you happy
Day 12:  inside your closet
Day 13:  blue (I was SICK!!!)

Day 14:  heart

Day 15:  phone (my phone previous to my current one... I'm in the cool crowd now with an iPhone)
Day 16:  something new (my daughter tried solids for the first time!)
Day 17:  time
Day 18:  drink (vodka collins - so refreshing!)
Day 19:  something I hate to do - laundry!
Day 20:  handwriting (these are recipes from my Grandma (top) and my Mom (bottom) - I love their handwriting....)
Day 21:  a fave photo of me (from 2007? - at a Navy Helicopter Ball)
Day 22:  where you work

Day 23:  shoes (my walking shoes - perfect for walking the dog)
Day 24:  inside your bathroom (just a little art and inspiration quotes in the crapper!)
Day 25:  green (my st. patrick's day garland)
Day 26:  night (man, it sucks staying up so late to watch the Oscars when you live on the East Coast!!!)
Day 27:  something you ate (my attempt to stay organized means planning the whole month of dinners.... F.F.Y. stands for FEND FOR YOURSELF!!!)
Day 28:  money (my daughter's piggy band which is a hand-me-down from when I was a little girl!)
Day 29:  something you're listening to (Pandora - I LOVE PANDORA!!!!  So amazing!)


  1. I love all your photos! It may sound weird, but I honestly felt like I was getting to know you through them! I love how each one tells a story, and you've captured them so creatively!
    Thank you for linking up to our party and sharing a bit of your month with us :)

    Oh, and that soup...seriously? YUMMY!

    1. Thank you so much for your WONDERFULLY nice comments - both this month and last month! :) I consider it an honor that you even took a peek at my little old blog considering how amazing you all are! This has been a fun challenge and I was thinking yesterday how fun it will be at the end of the year to look back through all of these photos and see what changes we've gone through. Thank you again!

  2. Our 19 and 22 are the same! Great photos! visiting from House of SMiths link up.

    1. Too funny! You hate laundry as much as me, huh? It always seems never-ending.... I actually like ironing but washing and folding laundry. Bleh. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love your photos! Visiting from House of Smiths link up.