Monday, December 24, 2012

Have You Heard of Stitch Fix?

So... awhile back while looking at some blogs I came across one that mentioned something called Stitch Fix - I was intrigued!  The blogger talked about getting her 'Fix' and how excited she was and I had to learn more about it.  So, I went to their website: and requested an invite.  I would say it took a couple of weeks and then I received an email saying I could get started and sign up for my first 'Fix'.  

Once you've been 'accepted' into the program (and I use that term loosely - it's like a lot of the flash sale sights where you ask for an invite first) you go back to their website and create your style profile.  In this profile you give your basics - height, weight, what sizes in clothing you normally wear.  Then you get more specific: how you like your clothes to fit (loose/form fitting/tight) and what your style preferences are (classic/bohemian chic/glamorous/romantic/etc.).  Then you say how much you'd prefer to spend on pieces of clothing/accessories and you can also classify what type of articles of clothes/jewelry/accessories you'd like included in your 'Fix'.  
(I basically said 'all of it'!)

Then you sign up for your 'Fix'.... they give you dates on a calendar and you pick one and they say they'll send it to you the week of that fix.  You also pay $20.  Now the good thing is that $20 is a credit towards what you buy in that 'Fix'!!!!  (I'm assuming some of that goes towards shipping too.)  

SO - then you wait!  And wait and try to be patient but then you email the company because you really want your 'Fix' and then of course that same day your box arrives.  (oops!)  

Anyhow - it was SO fun to open the box and see all the goodies inside!  Here's what I received:
Item #1: BB Dakota Kitty Sleeveless Cable Print Tank
It looks just like a cabled sweater but it's a gorgeous silky-like material!
Each article comes with a description and a couple different ideas for how to wear it - LOVE THIS!
and with that description - PICTURES!  (this is exactly like having your own stylist come right to your house!!!)
Item #2:  Angie Moni Stud Detail Woven Top - this is the one that I was immediately drawn to - the sheerness, the stud detail, the adorable feather print.... Mommy Likey!  But - was it too much like other items in my closet AND practical with two small children?  Those are the big questions!
Here's an extra peek at the cute stud detail and neckline
Another look at the outfit suggestions for this shirt - LOVE these!
Item #3 is by Honey Punch - Canberra Plaid & Sheer Sleeve Blouse.  This one was intriguing.... I'm a sucker for gingham and the sheer sleeves definitely create a wow but I just had awful thoughts of snagging one of the sleeves on a piece of jewelry or getting baby food spilled on it.  :(  Also - hard to tell but the color is more of a chambray blue, not a grey like my picture wants to show.
this picture does it a little more justice
Item #4:  Miilla Saxon Jacket - how rocker chick is this?  TOTALLY not something I would ever pick to try on myself - seems way too 'tough and confident' for me but I really loved how it looked on!!

How cute do these outfits look?!
The last item in my 'Fix' was this pretty necklace - I think all four of those delicate little circles are supposed to line up but it was super tangled when I received it and I didn't want to risk breaking it by attempting to untangle.  :(  This necklace is By Philippe and is called the Mini Circle Quartet Necklace.  

So that was my 'Fix' this time around!  The deal is that if you order everything from your 'Fix' you get a 25% discount - awesome!  All together everything in my box was around $300 - that's probably a bit on the high side for me (especially at Christmas and considering it was all for me!)  but with the $20 credit from ordering my 'Fix' in the first place and the 25% off everything - I could have gotten everything for $200!  That's pretty amazing!  

For me - I looked at these items in the following way:
#1.  what would add to my closet/wardrobe the best
#2.  what would I most likely wear the most
#3.  what works best with my lifestyle (stay at home Mom who likes being stylish but let's face it - is home most of the time)
#4.  price

I ended up only purchasing/keeping one item from my 'Fix'.  The price was great - with my $20 credit and then a referral credit of $25 that I'd gotten when a friend signed up I got the item for a crazy low price.  I loved the funky jacket but it was a bit expensive and I wasn't sure how much I would be wearing it.  The cable knit tank was also at the top of my list but I wasn't sure how much I'd really wear it either....  so I picked:
the feather print top!!!!!
I am SUPER excited to wear this shirt - I see it with black leggings, I see it with skinny jeans and I DEFINITELY see it with a black pencil skirt for church tonight!  :)  A great Christmas Eve outfit if you ask me!

So what do I do with the items I didn't keep?

Stitch Fix actually sends a pre-addressed, pre-paid USPS Mailer along with your 'Fix' so anything that you don't keep - you just pop in the mailer and drop it at any post office or blue mail bin!  How stinkin easy is that?!  SUPER EASY!!!!

So what did I think overall of Stitch Fix?

AWESOME - what a cool 'gift' to yourself!  For a Mom with small children - shopping at the mall is not an option most of the time.  And I love fashion but never really feel like I know how to put outfits together well - it really felt like a stylist actually picked out items and put together outfits for me (thanks to the awesome picture cards that go with each item). 

Now I do think that I'll probably wait awhile to get my next 'Fix' - I just can't afford to get something like this all the time but every few months?  Heck yes!  Sign me up for March please!  :)

I will be going back in to my style profile and tweaking things a bit.  I really don't need jewelry so I'm going to opt out receiving any in future fixes.  

If you'd like to sign up to check it out for yourself - click on this link:

Tell them Amy sent you.  :)

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