Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My home work station and personal sweat shop

Our dining room/kitchen has been TAKEN OVER by Pursewna!

(My little work station)

I thought I'd give my blog readers an inside look at the personal sweat shop that our dining room has become... this picture was actually taken a couple weeks ago so it looks pretty neat & tidy.  At this point because I'm working hard to get ready for the upcoming Holiday Boutique (November 21st!!) purses are quickly over-taking the entire household.  I realized tonight I have purses draped over chairs, couches, on the guest bed and dresser too!  Thankfully my hubby is patient - he told me once that he doesn't really notice when the sewing machine is out.  I bet he's eating his words now - it's been out permanently for weeks and I considering the awesome response I've had to this blog and pictures/posts on Facebook I doubt it's going to be put away anytime soon!  We might even be eating Thanksgiving dinner with the sewing machine as a centerpiece!  (I could just balance some mini pumpkins and gourds on it - it'd be tres, tres chic!  Eat your heart out Martha Stewart!)  Someday maybe I'll have a house with a sewing/craft room - that sounds heavenly.... until then I'll make do with my corner of the dining room table and the kitchen countertop!  Atleast I have someone keeping me company!

Baby Ryleigh watches on as Momma sews and sews!

Here's a peek at some of the work I'm doing for the upcoming show... I tried to cut out all of the fabric pieces and canvas/duck cloth (used to give weight to the purses) and then sewed each purse individually after that.  I think I had about 14 purses cut out and I am PROUD to say they're all done as far as sewing on the machine goes - still have to do the finishing work by hand though. 

These pictures make it obvious I'm not much of a photographer, but it gives you a bit of an idea....

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  1. Hi Amy, your bags are fantastic! Can I place an order? My cousin is due in December, and I would love a fun treat for her?
    I hope all is well!