Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Uses for Pursewna handbags

The size of many of Pursewna's bags are a perfect fit for many day-to-day activities.  Here are some of the countless ways a Pursewna bag makes life easier!

*The gym - throw in your ID and water bottle, maybe a magazine for flipping through while on the elliptical!

*Traveling - because the bags are all cotton they can be rolled up and stashed in your carry-on or checked luggage.  They make the perfect bag for adding a quick change to your outfit as you're out and about exploring a new town, stashing a book and your cell phone to lounge by the pool or as an extra carry on bag should you purchase some souvenirs that have to be carried home

*The beach - Pursewna bags are machine washable!  Perfect for taking to the sandy beach and tossing into the machine when you get home.  Throw in your sunscreen, towel and a good read and relax in the sand!

*The grocery store - be kind to the envionment!  Use a Pursewna bag for a quick jaunt to the store to pick up last minute items for dinner!  Instead of using the store's plastic bags, feel good knowing you're being eco-friendly!

*The farmer's market - when purchasing fresh produce and herbs at the market, use your Pursewna bag to tote them home.

*On errands around town - perfect for holding your wallet and phone; maybe some letters you need to ail at the post office, a Pursewna bag not only completes your outfit but makes running around a breeze!

*Making a fashion statement - tired of plain, boring leather handbags?  Use a Pursewna bag to make a statement!  What a great splash of color added to your everyday uniform of denim and a khaki trench or a black business suit.

What other ways do you use your Pursenwa bag?


On a side-note, I recently sold a Pursewna diaper tote and wanted to make sure you all knew it was no longer available.  Thank you to Susan for your purchase!

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