Monday, May 24, 2010

Diary of A Mad Bag Lady...

This past week I worked on the third diaper bag that was ordered for a friend, Wendy.  Wendy & I met in San Diego when our (then boyfriends) were both in the same helicopter squadron for the Navy.  Since then  Wendy & Matt have moved East to Virginia and had two adorable kiddos.  Wendy posted on FB recently that she'd love a 'boyish' diaper bag - one that she could continue using after diapers were a thing of the past.  We corresponded back and forth via email to find the PERFECT fabrics and ended up with two from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadows line in Navy & Aqua.  I fell in love with this bag as it took shape and I hope Wendy likes it just as much!  Here's a little 'play-by-play' of how Wendy's new diaper bag came to be.
Pieces cut, pinned and laid out
Buttons picked!
My trusty side-kick, a hand-me-down Bernina from my Mom
These pieces are all sewn together and need to be turned right side out
Right side out and getting pressed - my other 'go to' is my Rowenta Iron - LOVE IT!
Hard at work
What a look of concentration.... 'sew straight Amy'
Pockets sewn and pinned onto interior pieces (nice label!)
The 'link loop'
Buttons sewn on and exterior and interior pieces pinned right sides together
Pressing open the seams (they lay flatter once you turn the pieces right side out) and the exterior turned
Tuck interior bag over exterior and then sew together...
More sewing as straight as can be
More concentrated looks
Turning the bag out
Re-inforce stitching on the corners
The finished product!!!

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