Sunday, May 23, 2010

Three Diaper Bag Orders in ONE WEEK - yee haw!

I've had an exciting couple of weeks in regards to my sewing.... I posted a quick note about my purses being at a local shop here in town (see last post below) and before I knew it, I had THREE diaper bag orders!  One was for a great college friend who is buying it for a prego buddy, and the other two were for two separate fellow Navy wife friends - one in Virginia and one in Cali!  (So awesome that I'll be represented on BOTH coasts!)

Before I give you a peek at those bags though - I did want to share three new bags I finished up.  I'm referring to these as Bucket Bags.  They're HUGE which not everyone will love but maybe you have a teen who needs a great overnight bag, or you want a stylish gym bag... there are always tons of uses for my bags and I'm SURE you could find a few of your own!

These first two are using the same fabrics but just interchangeably!  The 'script fabric' has been a huge hit that a lot of people love.

These bags have two large pockets on the interior and one large strap - great pleating on the side and like I said before; very roomy!!!

This third is made with some awesome Amy Butler fabric that my dear Mom gave me (she has the BEST stash of fabrics in her sewing room)!  It's from Midwest Modern II...

Here are a few pictures of the diaper bags I was talking about above... the one bag is still a surprise so I don't want to give anything away by posting pictures of it just yet.  You'll notice this bag is very similar to the bag available at The Rusty Chandelier... Amy V. saw pics of it and decided she wanted one just like it!  We did make a few changes - the exterior pockets are the same fabric as the exterior so they all match and for the first time - VELCRO on a lot of the pockets!  This was certainly an easy addition and I'm sure it'll make a big difference for Amy when using her bag.  I already received a lovely email from Amy talking about her bag:

Hi Amy!
I love my new bag!  It's so sturdy!  I can't believe how quickly you were able to get it done. 
I can't wait to use it and have people ask me where I got it so I can refer them to Pursewna! 
Thanks again!

I'm still finishing up the last hand-stitching on bag #3 so I'll add those pics as soon as I'm done!  Thanks to S.M., Amy V., and Wendy M. for ordering from me!!!  :)

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