Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something new...

OWLS!  I found a great tutorial on-line by: and I am in LOVE with the finished product!  Not to mention I'm totally being GREEN - I re-used a ton of fabric that was just in my scraps bin! So happy to find something to do with it!  
Check 'em out!

This was a super easy project - I was able to cut all the needed pieces in an hour for SEVEN (7) owls and then sewed them each in another hour... stuffed them all while watching a movie (Leap Year - don't rent it; not worth the money) and hand-sewed the remaining part while watching the Glee finale again!  I still have one more that didn't make it to the last step of hand sewing... maybe it blended into my tablecloth?

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  1. Whop!! Dibs on the red dot owl! Name the you still have it? I WANT IT!!!