Thursday, June 17, 2010

A New Diaper Bag for.... ME!

I finally made time to make myself a diaper bag this week - seems silly but there was always someone else's bag to make so I put it off for weeks, then months.  :)  Well, the waiting paid off because I am super thrilled with how my bag turned out.  I found some great material a few months back at my favorite quilting store in Anacortes - it has a black background with these large, gorgeous poppies on it... oranges, white, yellow, amber, red - all represented.  It jumped out at me as I walked by and begged me to buy it!  I did with no project in mind; just knew I had to have it!  Not long after I came across a ton of great tye-die print fabric in a variety of colors at Wal-Mart... they were on sale and I knew it'd be easy to find pairings for them.  That's where the great orange-red coordinating fabric came from.  Here's the finished result:

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