Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween A Little Early

As you probably know, owls are on my mind a lot these days.  :)  Well, a few weeks back we received the Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail and a few pages in I saw this:
Owl Costume

What?  An OWL costume?  How cute is that.... wait, it's $50?  

For a toddler's costume?  No way.  I can TOTALLY do that 

myself.  SO I did!!!!  And it turned out pretty cute.... 

what do you think?

To make it I used three different colors of fleece that I bought 

at JoAnne's - tan, dark brown and ivory.I lined all the pieces 

with a pink calico cotton fabric which is what you can see 

under the cape and I attached some ribbon to the cape so that 

it ties under her chin.  I did use a pattern for the cape but 

the hood portion of the pattern was wacked so I ended up tracing 

the shape of a hood from a sweatshirt of R's and adapting it to 

work for this costume... so two tries to get the hood right and 

I'm not totally thrilled with it.  You can totally see the center 

seam on the inside of the hood so I think I might 're-line' it 

with more of the floral fabric and maybe put some polyfill in 

there too.  

I adapted a pattern I had for a pillowcase dress to make the 

owl's body... the difference is that it's lined with the pink 

floral fabric and I stuffed it with polyfill to give it a cuddly 

shape.  It's a bit big - you can't see that I used a chip bag 

clip to make it smaller in the back so I might need to perform 

some alterations on it as well before the holiday.  

Not bad for not really having a pattern though, right?  

Maybe I am getting better at this whole 'sewing' thing!  

Whoot Whoot!

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  1. i love the costume! i think it turned out great.

    thanks for sharing.