Monday, January 23, 2012

No Blog For A Month? Craziness! (Or Laziness?)

Fans:  (i.e.  some family & a few friends),
I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I last made a post!  I'm a bit embarassed but at the same time - our lives the last month have been crazy and hectic and so beyond my comprehension of 'normal' that blogging here was the last item on my to do list.  That of course meant it just kept moving down further on the list as new things popped up.  ;)
My husband had to leave us for the WHOLE month of December... now a month for many of my military wife friends really isn't much, but December?  When we are thousands of miles from our family AND it was over the holidays... it was rough.  We sure were glad when my husband got home!

Since then, madness has reigned supreme.  My baby, who was a seemingly perfect sleeper suddenly became the worst, so I was up constantly throughout the night.  Nap time in our house quickly became nap time for EVERYONE.  (Even our dog seemed to know and he was usually in on his bed before the rest of us!)  And nap time is usually when I sewed/blogged/crafted....  Then the flu hit.  My 2 year old got it first and then a day or so later, my husband and I got it within an hour of each other.  It's comical now to think about how we were basically taking turns throughout the night springing up from our bed and running to the bathroom.  At the time though, nothing about it was funny.  Then we went to Disneyworld.  (We are certifiably crazy, huh?)  Well, where we live now it's a 3 hour drive to 'the happiest place on earth' and it seemed like such a fun thing to do once my husband had returned from deployment so we went.... not sure if going the same week after we'd all had the flu was the best idea but at least our 2 year old had a blast!  (the rest of us were sleep deprived from the 'perfect sleeper who was no more' being awake all night.)

Have I been sewing?  Not really.  I completed a special project for my cousin before Christmas - he and his fiance wanted me to sew stockings for them.  They did turn out wonderful, especially since it was my first attempt making stockings:

I also am half-finished with another custom order for a good friend in Washington.  She wanted some decor for her youngest son's room so I started making a personalized banner and a window valance.  Then they found out about a (very long time coming) promotion for her husband which means they were going to be moving ASAP!  So.... the valance still needs to be made but first they need to find a house, move and then get settled and she'll send me some window measurements.  Obviously I'm not going to rush her!

Otherwise, I've been a very lazy sewer.  I think I overdid myself prior to Christmas and can anyone else attest that Pinterest - although wonderful at providing new and exciting ideas, it can be a bit overwhelming!  There are some fantasticly awesome ideas that I've 'pinned' that I would love to just go crazy making but who has all that time (or money)?  A lot of the crafts I've seen are do-able and getting out my trusty glue gun is easier than loading up the sewing machine with thread and a bobbin so I've focused on some small projects instead.  Here are a few of them:
a little artwork and color for the 'toilet room' in our master bath!  
subway art quotes and fabric stretched on embroidery hoops!
the cutest little jars!  saw this idea on pinterest - $1.00 glass candlesticks from the dollar store, jars of pickles & mandarin oranges (also from the dollar store) - spray paint candlesticks and lids then glue jars to candlesticks!  Voila!  So cute and because they're white.... I can re-use for ALL the holidays!  
heart garland made out of scrapbook paper and yarn

subway art using a pre-stretched canvas

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