Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gifts For My Hubby

I'm going to post this after the holiday just on the random chance my husband were to actually read this blog....  I'd hate for him to know what his gift was for Valentine's Day early!  I love a good surprise!

This first 'gift' was one that I actually made for him for Christmas but it seems perfect for a Valentine's gift too!  I saw the idea (of course) on Pinterest and loved how personal you could make it but still have it be very original and unique for your special someone.

Source:  Craftster.org

This wouldn't even need to be for your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend - you could easily customize it to work for a Mom on Mother's Day or a Dad on Father's Day!  Maybe even for your kid if they're off at college or heading to summer camp?  Lots of options....
Here is a look at mine:

The next gift I'm planning on giving him today (Feb 14th)! This idea I found on makethebestofeverything.blogspot.com.  It is for a 'six pack of beer' with all sorts of fun & homemade 'lovey-dovey' labels.  You can actually purchase your own labels from her Etsy shop (which I think is awesome) but I decided to make my own.  I had cardstock and glitter glue - what else does a girl need?!  :)
Source:  makethebestofeverything.blogspot.com
Here is how mine turned out:

I decorated a six pack holder (?) as well.... used gift wrap left over from Christmas and LOTS of paper hearts and stickers!  Sticky sweet OVERLOAD!!!!!  The beers are a mix lot - I went to World Market and picked six different ones - a few I know he likes and a few new ones for him to try!

 I used all the same sayings that the original poster did (why mess with a good thing?) but had LOTS of fun using glitter glue and stickers.  The hot glue wasn't my favorite though - it was hard to work with using paper but the double-sided tape I had was even worse so the glue won out.  ;)

My favorite label!!!! 

I hope he likes it!  It isn't my 'cleanest' work (lots of areas where you can see the glue, or the paper wrinkled and my wrap job on the carrier?  HIDEOUS!  But, I doubt he'll be paying much attention to that... I'm sure he'll just enjoy having some different beers to try!


  1. These are both great ideas! My husband would love the beer gift : )

  2. I LOVE those! I think I'm going to do those for James for our anniversary next month!!