Friday, February 3, 2012

My January in Pictures

I did a really fun challenge this last month called "January Photo A Day"Challenge that I heard about from the blog:  House of Smiths.  It gave this list of pictures to take - one a day for the entire month:

I wasn't always great about taking the picture on it's assigned day but it was easy to catch up...  the challenges aren't anything extravagant like some crazy scavenger hunt where you're running around town looking for some obscure item to take a photo of.  The pictures were simple things but you could think out of the box too.  Maybe this will help me with my photog skills?!
Here's a look back at my month of January:
I also found this cool App to use: my365. The pics above:
Day 1: you
Day 2: breakfast
Day 3: Something you Adore
Day 4: Letterbox
Day 5:  Something You Wore (in FL!  It was cold that week...)
Day 6:  Makes You Smile (a date night with my hubby - dinner theater!)
Day 7:  Favourite (some of my fabric stash faves)
Day 8:  Your Sky

I misplaced one photo - Day 9 is "Routine" - I took a pic of my steering wheel.... I'm ALWAYS driving so looking at my steering wheel in my car has DEFINITELY become routine!  :)

Day 10:  Childhood (a charm bracelet my Mom recently found and sent me)
Day 11:  Where You Sleep (I don't get nearly enough time in here...)
Day 12:  Close-Up  (check out those lovely bags under my eyes)

Day 13:  In Your Bag
Day 14: Something You're Reading (some light reading.... )
Day 15:  Happiness (look at those CHEEKS!!!)
Day 16:  Morning (an early trip to the park)
Day 17:  Water
Day 18: Something You Bought (these great little birdhouses for my little to paint)

Day 19:  Sweet
Day 20: Someone You Love (my awesome husband)
Day 21:  Reflection
Day 22:  Your Shoes (my absolute favorite pair)
Day 23:  Something Old (this was given to me by my Grandma - it's the last piece from my Great-Great Grandmother's bridal tea set - check out the date!  1888!!!)
Day 24: Guilty Pleasure  (Pinterest)
Day 25: Something You Made
Day 26: Colour
Day 27: Lunch
Day 28: Light
Day 29: In Your Fridge
Day 30: Nature
Day 31: You. Again

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  1. Seriously? Your kids are like Gerber babies, SO BEAUTIFUL! And yes, those cheeks in that photo... to DIE for!
    I'm also a fabric freak as well, so i loved seeing those photos too :)
    Thanks so much for linking up at our party, girly! Have a great day!

  2. Your happiness pictures is ADORABLE! : ) love it. I am a new follower your blog. I am stopping by after seeing you linked up to House of Smiths.

  3. how sweet are your pictures. and those babies...beautiful!

    i can't help but relate to some of your reading materials.

    thanks for linking up.

    have a super weekend.