Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Decorations 2012

This holiday I had a great time using a lot of what decor I already had on hand!  Of course I used my fun new Easter Egg Decor which I listed a tutorial about in this post but I also had a lot of things already in my holiday decor that I was able to re-use.
Here's a peak:
Welcome!  The fabric strips, pillow and wreath are all new additions!
What a cheater!  I just took fabric and 'wrapped' the pillow I already had.  The ribbon and fabric flowers are PINNED on!  (If you want to sit here - do at your own risk!  You might get poked!!!)

I kind of hated this wreath at first... (I've never been a fan of that mustard/gold color) but it's grown on me!

A little decor on the sidebar.... baking cup garland (my new favorite way of decorating!), pink easter grass in a white planter, glittery eggs in a hurricane and other odds & ends

the odds and ends I was talking about!  :)
my mantle
painted birdhouse from Valentine's decor, yellow urn and Spring sign are from my decorations last year, another painted birdhouse that I did for this year and the white (what do you call this?) decorative item as seen before

green baking cup garland from St. Patrick's Day decor and felt egg garland from Target

my cute easter egg decorations and bunnies from Hobby Lobby

I LOVE these jars!  See the empty one there?  That's where the Cadbury Mini Eggs were...... obviously I like those particular candies!  :)

Happy Easter!  I hope you had fun decorating this year too!


  1. Think I recognize the stuffed duck that Grandma made for you when you were little! Wonderful job!!!

  2. So cute Amy! I love that you made the cupcake liner, so cute all pulled together.