Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo Of The Day - March Edition

Yep.... each month I feel like I'm getting better!  Maybe I'll be a professional Instagram Photographer by the end of this year!  :)

Day 1:  Up
Day 2:  Fruit
Day 3:  My 'hood

Day 5:  Smile
Day 6:  5pm
Day 7:  Something I Wore (GO COUGS!)

Day 9:  Red
Day 10:  Loud (yep, got my label wrong!)
Day 11:  someone I talked to (my gorgeous friend Erin)
Day 12:  Fork (the Dora one - gets used the most in this house....)
Day 13:  a sign (my leg color matches the carpet - need to get some tanning lotion!)

Day 15:  my ride

Day 17:  green
Day 18:  a corner in my house (princess castle & dress up area)
Day 19:  just funny
Day 20
Day 21:  delicious (every morning's cup of coffee)
Day 22:  kitchen sink (I'm ALWAYS doing dishes!!!)
Day 23:  moon (made out of cheese)
Day 24:  (my) animal
Day 25:  MOPS breakfast (yum)

Day 27
Day 28:  Trash (y)
Day 29:  feet (yep, I painted those cute hearts ALL by myself!  I LOVE Nail Pens!)

and yes, I'm missing Day 31.  It's 'where you relax'.  I wandered around the house today trying to figure that out and couldn't.  I guess you could say the back patio but when I sit out there - I think about how I need to pick up the dog poop so my daughter doesn't step in it when she's running around.  I could take a pic of my bath tub but I've had time to take about three baths since we moved here a year ago.  SO.... let's pretend my 'quiet place to relax' is here:
Tropical Island
It's my own private island!  :)

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  1. So fun to look at all the photos!!! I think the sly smile with the beer was my favorite, or maybe the sunglass one, or the dress up corner....maybe all of them!!

  2. Oh I love your photos! The loud photo is a daily occurrence at our house too :) I have a 22 month old and a 6 month old, so I can relate to so many of your photos! And I have got to get a nail pen...that is so cute!!! Happy Easter!

    ~Cameron {The Stimson Chronicles}

  3. Ha! I love your "extremely loud" picture. ha!
    Thanks for linking up to our photo-a-day party this month! :)