Saturday, November 3, 2012

Custom Business Banners

A couple years back I branched out and set up a booth at a holiday bazaar outside of my town.  Up until that time I'd only done a couple of Holiday bazaars locally and the Farmer's Market so I was really excited about seeing if my particular sewn items would go over in a different demographic!  I ended up at a Holiday Bazaar held at a high school in my husband's home town - we were there already for Thanksgiving so it was a great excuse to set up shop there.  The bazaar itself was the biggest one I'd done - probably 100+ booths?  Not big to a lot of people's standards but we were living in a pretty small town then so it sure felt big!  I did ok that day - I of course was SURE I'd sell out of everything but that didn't happen.  ;)  I was more than prepared though and had lots of cute stuff to set out.

Just a couple booths down from me at the bazaar was a really nice woman named Kyle who was selling the most decadent and amazing smelling lotions and soaps with a company called Dolce Mia.  The products were awesome - the packing was great and the labels - very vintage and right up my alley.  Oh my.... there was one Hula Girl Pikake lotion, so amazing!  It smelled just like Hawaii and I was in LOVE!
 Hula Girl Pikake Shea Butter Lotion 12 oz.
Source:  Dolce Mia Pikake Lotion
Another great lotion:  Mango Tangerine Lotion
 Fish Mango Tangerine Shea Butter Lotion 12 oz.
Source: Dolce Mia

They also have other great gift items - placements (like below), clocks, albums, growth charts and more!
 Princess Place Mat
Source: Dolce Mia

Kyle was great - she ended up buying a garland and a brooch from me and I ended up with some of that lovely Pikake lotion.  :)  Nothing like spending all your profits, right?

Kyle and I kept in touch through our Facebook fan pages and recently she contacted me to make some personalized garland/bunting for her business.  We worked via email - writing back and forth to come up with ideas.  She went to a local store (Craft Warehouse) and found some fat quarters of fabric and some trim that she liked and then mailed it to me.

I had a great time coming up with ideas for this garland!  I looked to Etsy and Pinterest for inspiration and came up with a great idea to incorporate some of the ribbon and trim that Kyle sent me.  My one concern was making sure the lettering showed up on the fabrics - I ended up picking fabrics that weren't as 'busy' and used stencils to hand paint the business name on.  Here's a peek at how the first set looked all painted:

And here's a peek at the final outcome for the aqua/yellow garland:

Kyle ended sending me a lot of fabric so I created a couple of extra smaller garlands that she could incorporate into her booth in other places.
These are just scraps of the fabrics tied onto some aqua ric rack!  :)  So simple but so cute!

And now here's a look at the fall/winter fabric garland:
I used the more traditional pennant shape for this one - and a different font for the letters!

I am really loving the addition of the baker's twine and jute rope tied in between each pennant!

I used the extra fabric to make another plain garland too:

I did hear from Kyle once she got everything that she was REALLY happy with how it all turned out!
This little note was from her via my Facebook fan page:

"LOVE the two garlands that you made for me! Just received them and they are so cute - and I know that they will add so much to my display! Also thank you for the extra smaller garlands - I love them all! Thank you, Amy :)"

Are you interested in something custom for your business?  Contact me via email: or via Etsy:

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