Monday, October 22, 2012

Isn't She Lovely?

I think this wreath is beautiful (and yes, I realize I'm totally biased considering I designed it) and I'd just go ahead and keep her for myself but I've never decorated my house in blues/whites for the holidays.... it seems like with toddlers, using bright colors just adds more to the charm of the holidays.  Maybe when they're older I can change out all of my holiday decorations for something more sophisticated like this?

  And I know - it's WAY too early to start talking about Christmas/holidays but you know - it's just lurking there behind the corner of Halloween!!!  Ready to pounce and make us all stressed out about what we're going to get Grandma Fran!  ;)

Do you change out your 'color scheme' each holiday season?  I remember my Mom would do that every few years - only put out gold and white decor or make the switch and do just red and white.... BUT, that was when I was older - by that time she'd acquired a LOT of Christmas decor.

Or, do you just count yourself lucky/happy if you can get up a Christmas tree by the 24th?  Some years I'm amazed I can do that - this year should be really interesting - my youngest will be 16 months and I think - very intersted in pulling ornaments off the tree.  We'll probably be that family that only has ornaments on 3/4 of the tree, might even be tying it up so she can't pull it over!  ;)

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