Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pink and Gold: Her Big Girl Room

Before we moved last November I asked my daughter what color she wanted in her new room - she replied "coral".  This girl has a sophisticated color palette for a 4 year old y'all!  Sooo, I ran with it!
Originally I was thinking go for it - pick a pink or a coral and slap it on all the walls but I realized quickly that actual coral walls or a shade likewise would look WAY overpowering in such a small space so I chose a blush pink instead.

The color is actually by Behr and is called Hush Pink (200C-1) but I had them color match at Sherwin Williams to get a better quality of paint.

So pink and I added gold, orange and black as accent colors - what do you think?

The really BIG DEAL for this big girl was her new bunk bed.... I was very anti-bunkbed when my husband first mentioned the idea but I quickly came around.  We ended up investing some money in a high quality all-wood version that has a full size bed on the bottom and a twin bed on the top.  They can be 'un-bunked' which will be great in the future when some little miss is too big for her britches.  :)  (That might be next year considering she's four years old going on sixteen!)  Anyhow - we figure this will be her bed until she leaves for college so we put the money down up front.  She loves it too!  I was stressed out more than the average bird probably trying to figure out bedding for the it but once I went for it on the duvet covers it helped a ton.  

I chose to get down comforters for the beds since we're in a cooler climate and then get duvet covers.  I probably looked at a thousand online but finally took the plunge and got these.  The orange/pink/black tile design is from PBTeen and are just awesome.  They were on sale too (a huge plus in my book)!  The sheets we lucked out on too - TJMaxx and Target (twin bed sheets are white with hot pink polka dots and the full set are orange and pink polka dot).  I'm slowly adding some throw pillows in fun prints but I'm trying to thrift pillows to save money there too.  You can usually find some for $1-$5 which compared to a pillow insert at JoAnne's is a big savings.  

The other thing I obsessed about?  The CURTAINS.  Ack - why is it so hard to find great curtains at a good price?!  Am I the only one that feels this way?  Of course I had specific wants here - a color that matched and the ability to blackout light as much as possible but unless you want to spend $85 a panel that's a tough find!  I think I ended up purchasing about six different pairs of curtains from good old Target and thank goodness for them... these were the winners.  Despite looking thin they do actually block out the light well.  I also added the pale pink pom pom trim for fun.  The tie backs are just Command hooks and pink grosgrain ribbon from the Dollar Store!

This fantastic white dresser was a find before we left Jacksonville - $80 people!!!!  Awesome!  It does have a slight smoke smell inside the drawers though which I still need to figure out.  Nothing worse than your four year old's clothes smelling like a pack of Marlboro Reds but thankfully a friend told me about a chemical called Otoban that I need to get!  That's a project for another day, right?
One of my favorite parts of big girl's room are the gold heart stickers on the wall.  After putting the polka dots in our playroom, I became slightly obsessed (as you'll see after seeing baby girls' room pictures too).  These fantastic gems were found for a great deal on - a daily deals email I get every day.  They were easy to apply - I just measured out every 2 feet using a straight edge and a level and put small pencil marks then went back and put a heart at every mark.  It looks so much like a wallpaper treatment but easy to replace or take down when big girl is tired of it - I hope that's never.  I kind of want to put hearts up in our Master Bedroom too but I think the Mister wouldn't appreciate that much.  ;) 
This original art piece was by big girl herself - it's a ballerina... ballet and dance has become a new obsession lately so it's fitting.
The 'reading area' is complete with a 'dumpster dived' chair in gold with a new throw pillow as well as paper lanterns as a mobile above the chair.  The lamp is from her previous room but it was yellow so with my trusty gold spray paint it got a new finish as well as new black ribbon trim to match the room.  The flower art above the chair were previously in baby girls' room but they have a whole new purpose in gold!
This little bookshelf isn't getting a ton of use now but I know it will eventually get more treasures on it the older she gest.  I made the paper circle garland by sewing scrapbook paper together in hot pink, light pink and gold glitter paper - fun and festive!  I'm hoping to add some more photographs to the wired circles on the wall too.
Lots of pics of big girl and her sister and their daddy.  I also put together some new embroidery hoop art with materials and fabrics already on hand.  And every girl should have a princess dress and a super hero cape hanging up in their room, right?


  1. You are so talented! What a fantastic job you are doing on your new home!

  2. Wonderful job and fun to see! Thanks for sharing! Feel like I've been there! :)