Thursday, March 20, 2014

Silverware Artwork

Being in a new house has some challenges - obviously.  I'm not a very patient person (cue the 'no kidding' comments) and I want things to be done 'now'!  It's been hard to wait things out until I find the right piece of wall art or the right piece of furniture.  Also, I'm working hard to be thrifty - especially when it comes to the artwork and wall decor.  One project that turned out really great (I think) is this one:
yes, I know - awful picture again!  maybe I need to take some photography classes....
Silverware Art!  This was a super easy project and it really did turn out great.  I found lots of great inspiration via Pinterest - great websites/blogs like:

wall frames (these were at Hobby Lobby for 50% off - about $5 each)
thrifted silverware (25cents per piece at my local thrift store)
scrapbook paper/fabric (I used scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby)
spray adhesive
strong glue like E600

First - spray paint your silverware.  I used a glossy black by Krylon.  I did get a little overzealous painting and ended up having to use a black Sharpie to do touch up (shhh.... don't tell!)

Second - cut your scrapbook paper/fabric to fit inside your frame.  I used spray adhesive and sprayed the cardboard insert from the frame (I put the glass in our recyle bin - no need to keep it, heaven knows it'd just end up broke anyhow) then pressed the paper down on top of it.  I did have to do some trimming to get it to fit just right.

Third - glue your silverware directly onto your scrapbook paper/fabric backing.  Let it dry for awhile before you hang these on the wall so you can tell they're secure.

Fourth - hang up on your wall and enjoy your thriftiness and craftiness!!!!

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