Monday, September 28, 2009

Custom creations

It was easy to realize that a number of people would want input in how their purse or bag turned out.  Some friends/customers picked from fabrics I already had, others looked online at to choose their fabrics.  Here are some custom bags that I sewed:

Black & Yellow Coordinating Fabrics that I had in inventory

The finished product!  Created for Gina as a birthday gift for her friend

How Pursewna products are wrapped and shipped

My good friend Liz asked me about making a diaper bag when she was pregnant with her second son Jackson.  I created a tote-style diaper bag for her using blue/green fabrics.  She was thrilled with the result!

Diaper tote using Amy Butler fabrics with Sharyn Sowell fabric for interior pockets

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  1. Just a quick (belated) note to let you know that Sara LOVED her custom made pursewna bag! And can I just say that you packaged and shipped it to her in a way that was WAY cuter than I could have ever done!? Thanks for your awesome work! You make gift-giving a breeze!