Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Custom Diaper Bags

Last Fall I became pregnant and soon realized the market for diaper bags was immense!  I decided to expand on the bags I'd aleady created and come up with inventive ways to make the standard bag more personable.  Every Mom wants to be fashionable but having a diaper bag that is functionable is the main priority!  These bags are ALL mashine washable - that way you can throw it in the wash when you've set it down on too many dirty floors or baby food spills when you're at the park!

My good friend Janel from college contacted me about making her a diaper bag as she was pregnant with her third little boy and wanted something new.  She looked online at fabrics and picked out the exterior fabric - I then picked a few different coordinating fabrics and she picked which one she liked best.  The final bag turned out awesome!  Janel had her little boy a few weeks ago and he's adorable - congratulations Janel!

Interior of Janel's Custom bag

Exterior of Janel's Diaper Bag

Detail of Diaper Bag Straps

Detail of Diaper Bag Button Closure

Recently I was contacted through a friend about creating a diaper bag for an upcoming baby shower.  Seems it's become popular to purchase one of my bags and then fill it with other baby goodies!  I love that idea!!!  This bag is for Sandy from her friend Alie in Kansas:

The inspiration for this bag was the Amy Butler line of
Midwestern Modern and the color combination of blue and green

Button Closure Detail and Interior of the Navy & Blue Diaper Bag

Alie herself also ordered a bag - she gave birth on September 1st to a little girl named Liliana.  Alie requested something modern and said she liked the idea of browns, purples or greens.  She gave me free reign to pick the fabrics - I hope she likes what I found!

Alie's Bag using a great brown, green & purple fabric

Detail of the button closure - I couldn't resist the cute stuffed bunny in the pocket!

Alie's idea was to add a 'belt-loop' of sorts where she could hang keys, pacifiers and toys!  What a great idea - I added it onto all three diaper bags made in the last few weeks!

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