Saturday, February 12, 2011

Homemade Valentine's

I received a letter on Thursday saying that my daughter's school* would be doing Valentine's for a party.... we'd need to bring in 12 cards/Valentine's.  What?  Ok.... my plan was to head to the Dollar Store to see what I could come up with.  

I saw these cute cards and figured "that fits with my daughter's tomboy nature".  A lot of blogs are featuring this type of cards:
"Crap I've Made" blog Click Here to see the whole tutorial

Also super cute but getting my daughter to sit still to take a picture is near impossible....
"The Stories of A to Z" Click Here to see this full tutorial

AWESOME!  I loved that they were customized and would use up some of my fabric scraps!  The full tutorial for these is here.  These were THE ONES!


Here's my version:
I cut scraps from my fabric stash 9 inches X 3.5 inches

In the original tutorial she uses a serger on all four sides of the strips but I used pinking shears - this will keep the edges from fraying.... 

lovely pinking shear scraps!

Next I drew out hearts on natural colored canvas/duck cloth. Because my little one is too young to write her name yet, I just did it on her behalf.

This was definitely the LONGEST part of the project - attaching all the velcro!!!  
I used a very small zig zag stitch to do this part - it's how I attach velcro on my Pursewna bags too.  

Then I sewed on all the hearts - I just used a straight stitch...
(you'll notice - I just used the thread already in my machine - it's bright purple but a fun contrast to the different fabrics I used to make the bags)

Then using a larger zig zag stitch I sewed up the two sides - doing a small backstitch at the top since that's where most of the 'pull' will be when kids rip into them...

To fill the bags I purchased WalMart fruit snacks - they went into the 12 kiddo bags.  I had this secret stash of Dove Dark Chocolate hearts in my freezer (they're so good cold!!!) so I stuffed two bags with these for her teacher.

HOW CUTE?!?!?!

*I use the word 'school' loosely - she's 20 months and goes on Mondays for 4 hours - it's absolute bliss for Momma to have some time to herself and my little one - even though she ends up crying the first 5 minutes I drop her off, always seems to be very happy when I pick her up.

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