Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Wreath

I recently saw a really cute tutorial online on the blog Thrifty 101.  I figured since all the supplies were purchased at The Dollar Store it'd be a cheap, easy craft to try.  Besides, our house needs a little 'sprucing' for the holiday - these gray, rainy days are inspiring me to add some extra color inside!

My Supplies:
a styrofoam wreath (which I then wrapped using the ribbon I mention below)

Four bags of small conversation hearts

some glue sticks for your hot glue gun (I decided to stock up for future projects)

satin ribbon - with the size of wreath I got, it only took one roll (4 yards)

To make desigining my pattern easier, I decided to sort out the hearts ahead of time
(not sure it was hugely necessary...)

with all the hearts glued on - I'm not SUPER happy with my first try (pattern?  what pattern?) but
I have a second wreath to do later (I'll need more hearts though - seriously took almost FOUR BAGS
to do the one wreath!!!)  

the finished product - I am in love with the HOT PINK satin bow I tied on to hang it... 
the best part of the project!

Here's a link to the original tutorial:

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