Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Decorating

I don't know if it was the sickness we had in our house at the beginning of February or the seeminly endless grey days outside but I was itching to get some color into our house!  I figured - what better way than to decorate for Valentine's Day!

There are a number of crafty blogs that I'm addicted to looking at each day and a number of them were really inspiring.  I used a lot of those ideas and incorporated them as my own.  I also used objects from around my house.  Here's a little look at what I did:

photo credit from Crap I've Made blog

This awesome canvas art inspired me to do this:

I already had these Ikea frames which I had painted a bright turquoise with craft store acrylic paint - I've just been rotating out different pictures for holidays, etc.!  SO EASY!

Here's another shot of this wall:
I have the super cute photo calendar displayed in my calendar holder and I have Dollar Store pink heart doilies up all over the house! 

I literally scotch taped these up to doors, kitchen cabinets and the wall.... easy and cheap!

I also did some decorating on my mantle:
Mantles are TOUGH!  Especially this one because it's 'triangular' shaped...  I am never super happy with what I put there but this time around I think it looks pretty cute.
(Garland from my Etsy shop:

Some cute family photos and an old Valentine decoration hung on a 'display' item - these were probably found at Ross or TJMaxx or Tuesday Morning... I think the frames are both Crate & Barrel

Candy in mercury glass apothecary jars... lollipops and conversation hearts (leftover from my Valentine's wreath in the previous tutorial!)  The apothecary jars are Pottery Barn from a few years ago.
A number of 'mantle displays' from the blog:  The Stories of A to Z inspired my design.

Altogether?  Pretty cute and festive for the holiday - now time to plan for St. Patrick's Day!!!

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