Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day Decor 2013

I got out my 'green stuff' right the week after Valentine's Day.... partly because my house needed dusting and it made it easier to take hearts and such down to do that and partly because I had those decorations up early!  It'll be a wacky month with Easter so soon after St. Pat's - I'll need to be more organized it seems but that's ok.  I have a HUGE amount of Easter decor from last year so it'll be 'easy'.  Or so I think.  I am working on some new stuff though - a wreath and some cute mason jar/Easter bunny decorations.  Maybe I'll be able to give you a peek next time I post on here!  

Anyhow - back to St. Pat's:  obviously not a huge holiday in a lot of houses - I had a great time last year fooling the girls with green milk and Lucky Charms as a breakfast treat (which I might add, I ATE all of!)  I'm hoping I can come up with some new ideas - thankfully Pinterest is around!  :)

Here's a peek in my house at my decorations for this year - see if you can spot some of my new additions!
The bookcase in our dining room - houses cookbooks, books, photo albums, and a few random odds & ends.  I found lots of 'green' things to add some interest and turned out our green wedding album too!
my mantle is comprised of lots of found items - green photo albums and books, mixing bowls and green ribbon tied around found objects!  :)

Looking down the mantle.... 
My St. Patty's Day printable from
big yellow lab not exactly St. Patty's Day worthy - he needs a green bandana!
more found objects - new decor is the cute wood block "irish" decor from JoAnn's

my new garland!  I like the colors in this one better - more muted and not as neon/lime green as last year's!  I found this great idea via Pinterest from  It features vintage maps of Ireland and distressed green cardstock hearts strung on jute!  
this little lady is getting pretty insistent on having her picture taken more often.  I'm happy to oblige!

my console table in the dining room - green zebra print runner, Ireland travel guides and apothecary jars with pots of gold (Rolos)!

this great printable is from:
my front entry sideboard has a scrap of green fabric, mercury jars with green ribbon and another cute wooden irish decoration from JoAnn's
later on I added this cute button shamrock art - I made it at my first Pinterest Party!  Such fun!  The inspiration is from here:

Do you decorate for St. Patrick's Day?  I know I'm probably overboard for doing it but I figure while my girls are young it's fun for them to celebrate all the holidays!  Hopefully they remember it when they're older!  Celebrate the Irish on the 17th and drink a green beer - I know I will!  :)

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