Monday, October 1, 2012

Holiday Decor For A Friend

Last Spring, a good friend here in FL asked me to make some holiday decorations for her home.  It was right around Valentine's Day (wow - guess it was last WINTER, then?) so I was able to make her some garland, a wreath and a bunch of other great things.  Soon after, I did some Easter decorations (another wreath, candy containers, etc.) and then a HUGE space of time went by.... summer and not many holidays but now with Fall I was able to make her a few more items.  

She's hosting a baby shower brunch next weekend for some lovely ladies and wanted some more autumnal items to dress up her home.  I was able to put together a really gorgeous golden yellow yarn wreath similair to one she'd found on Pinterest as well as some book pumpkins.

Here's a look at how they turned out:

Fall wreath - precious!
The inspiration behind the wreath was initially spotted in this cute Etsy shop:thechicadeeshop

My version!  I used a more square wreath form to get the larger size wreath since my friend's front door is big.  Then, I wrapped with a golden yellow yarn and added fabric & button flowers!  Some of the fabric flower parts are made with fabrics I had in my stash but the more home decor/tweedy fabrics were ones I found 50% in the JoAnne's remnant section!  :)

next up, book pumpkins!  I purchased these books for a $1 a piece at the Dollar Store and then added some green ribbon.  I told my friend to maybe swap out the green for orange - for some reason they're reminding more of apples!  ;)

It was such a huge compliment for my friend to like how my home was decorated enough to ask me to make some items for her.  :)  

Have you done any DIY Fall decorating this year?  

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