Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Candlestick Decorations

This was a FUN project and I am super thrilled with the final result!  While at Hobby Lobby awhile back, I saw some really cute decorations:

Cute, huh?  But the price just didn't seem as cute.  So, I set out to recreate them in my 'own way'.  I personally think mine turned out even better!
I LOVE spray paint!  These guys were a very mis-matched group of misfits when I purchased them at Hobby Lobby!  The one on the far left was clear glass, second to the left was silver and the two on the right were wood!  I spray painted them all glossy black and then added a little black glitter to the wooden ones.  
My Punkins.... also purchased at HB
This sad guy on the right needed some glitz and glitter to 'fit in with the right crowd' so I gave him some sparkle!
with some spray adhesive and pretty orange glitter
and added some gold glitter glue to his stem
I picked the WORST time to glitter!  It was super windy so now there is a fine coating of orange glitter all over our back patio... oops!  :)
Now this guy fits in!  I did spray some clear coat spray paint over the top so the orange glitter wouldn't shed so much.... we'll see if it works!
The assembly:
Not sure why I didn't take a pic - but I cut two scalloped edge circles out of black felt and hot glued them together (the one on top is a bit smaller).  Next I hot glued this fringed crepe paper around the base twice.
to get this!  (See the scalloped circles?  NOPE - not even close to perfect...) 
then I added some of that awesome fringe to the base of one of the punkins
to get this!   
then I glued it all together!  Candlestick to scalloped circles to fringed punkin!
for another of the candlesticks I added a ruffled flower and for a bit more stability I also glued a square of black felt.  What it ended up looking like:

This guy also got a ruffle base as well as a jaunty little burlap flower 'hat'!
and my glittery guy?  He got some fringe and worked perfectly on the shorter candlestick

I'll do a post soon on my Halloween mantle so you can see how they look 'in their natural habitat' soon!

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