Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Witches and Goblins and DECORATIONS!

Oh My!  I went a little crazy this year with the Halloween decorations.... my husband pretends he likes it but sometimes I wonder if he thinks I have too much time on my hands.  (Which - I don't.... I just don't sit still which means every minute I'm not changing a dirty diaper - I'm probably in our office/sewing room doing something crafty!)  I LOVE a lot of what I did - it's not really 'staged' well but I'm not trying to win awards - just trying to make the holidays fun for my little girls.  Here's a peek into our home and what I did:
In our entry way sits this little credenza... it's Ikea and it's thankfully made it through two Navy moves without busting!  Phew!  I found that great purple light up pumpking and two of his friends on clearance at Target last year (November 1st is a great day to find goodies!)  The Trick or Treat postcard was at TJMaxx last year and the spiders were a Martha Stewart find at TJMaxx this year.  

These awesome candy jars were a DIY project found on
the amazing blog, eighteen25 - love those gals!

The ruffled streamers were an amazing idea I found on the blog Made.  SO easy and so much more fun that plain old crepe paper streamers!!!!!  They pack a punch for just a little bit of money!
I have two young kids so one way they can help me decorate is with window clings... they're ususally cheap (especially at the Dollar Store) and my 3 year old loves putting them on our windows.  I usually sneak a few into our family photos too.  :)
The bats.... this is where I question my sanity.  I cut out probably a hundred of these things - then stuck all of them on the wall.  BUT, for $4 for the black cardstock and a couple of evenings cutting while watching TV - worth it!  They have SUCH an impact!  I wish I could've put them on our front porch but nothing sticks to our home's exterior and I can't nail anyting to it either (stucco!  anyone have any tips?)  This pic looks down the hallway from our front entry way into our living/dining room/kitchen.

My favorite artwork in our whole house - a panoramic print by Craig Hergert
The BOO sign I re-did this year.  Last year I just glue/glittered letters and put them in frames... not so much.  Using the thin wooden letters from Hobby Lobby worked out so much better!  (Another great project idea from eighteen25).  Of course ALL I can see is how the "B" is slipping down the frame.... I need to re-stick that sucka!
Please excuse the awful photo!  Anyhow - the black cat garland was a find at Target last year (I think) - the googly eyes and washi tape garland were tips I found on the blog Landee See, Landee Do via eighteen25.
more bats...
My mantle!  By accident actually, I ended up with a black and orange theme this year and I have to say - I really like it!  It's a bit vintage but a bit modern too.

Lots and LOTS of bats, orange ribbon, black crepe paper garland......  
I spray painted some branches black and put them in my 'pinterest failed vase' from awhile back then added some black spray painted vases and glittery pumpkins, as well as an upcycled candy jar (candle stick and votive holder from the Dollar Store).  The 'spooky cloth' is another Dollar Store find and the "Happy Halloween" garland is from Target this year.

Some of my current favorites:  my pumpkin candlesticks and Halloween Trees!  The haunted house is from the Dollar store and the  Bat "Boo" decor is from HomeGoods.
some of my 'finds' include a  jack o lantern decoration from TJMaxx (last year) and one of my pumpkin candlesticks.  The white orb/finial (not sure what to call it) has been a mainstay in my decor for a few years now.... easy to add some ribbon and voila!  Perfect in any vignette!
The apothecary jar - I've been wanting one of these for months and I finally just pulled the trigger... for $10 at TJMaxx, why wouldn't I?!  It is super fragile though so I can just see it busting.  I'll have to be very careful with it.  The crows?  DOLLAR STORE! 
Our bookshelves in our dining room have a mish-mash of a bunch of things.... monster tissue boxes,  paper plate pumpkins (my 3 year old did these) and Halloween paper garland from last year's decor.
please disregard how much stuff (CRAP) is on my fridge.... but, you can see that I continued on with the bats in our kitchen/laundry area... I am crazy, aren't I?  
And there you have it!  A 'tour' of sorts of our Halloween decorations!  Do you have decorations up in your home yet?

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